Monday, May 9, 2011

The celebration lasted at least a week!

Jack and Aidan had a fabulous birthday celebration!  It lasted at least a week- the good times just kept on comin'!  Their birthday was on a Sunday, so we started the celebrating on Saturday, with a trip to Stone Mountain.  Wouldn't you know it, it happened to be "Frontier Days" at the park,  full of history, cannons, and various guns and war displays.

 It was as if it was custom designed for my history-loving little war mongers.  They could not have asked for anthing better!
 We also got a little climbing in- Jack made it to the top for the first time!
 Aidan wanted to make it to the top, but got confused by the hand holds.  He will get up next time! We stayed late and watched the laser show- it was a really wonderful day, celebrating our boys!
 We let them open one present each on Sat. night, then they got the rest on Sunday morning.  I spent Friday revitalizing our sandbox, cleaning it out and hauling 16 bags of sand to that sucker.  I did it just so that Aidan could enjoy his gift of sand toys!  He was really excited!
 They both got nerf guns, which were a specific and adamant request, and were a huge hit!  They were shooting everything they could think of!
 Jack also got a basketball.  Any kind of ball or sport is sure to be a hit with Jack.  We might need to figure out a way to get a hoop for him- he just can't be contained!
 Aidan got an iditarod book.  He claims he will be the youngest one to win- planning to run it at age 13.  He liked the book, but then got really excited when he realized it had "real history" in it- actual pictures and stories, not just illustrations!  He is so funny with "real history".  His aunt sent him $5, but all he cared about was the card where she had put pictures of iditarod racing and a map of Alaska.  That was WAY more valuable than money to this one!
 I did say the nerf guns were a hit- and they were- until Grandma and Grandpa trumped us by getting storm trooper guns that have lights and noise.  Bye-bye nerf gun!  See you when the batteries run out!
 They got the best birthday present ever when we had a special adult-only session at church, and therefore they got to have a Sunday with NO BUMPY PANTS!  It is like even the church knew what would make them happy on their birthday!  In the evening, we went to Grandmas, where we had a family dinner, and celebrated more birthday fun.
 We had cupcakes at Stone Mountain, then again at Grandma's house, then Mon and Tues we had their birthday dinners (Steak for Jack, Salmon for Aidan) with brownies/ice cream one night and milkshakes the next.  We just kept on celebrating!
 The boys also share a birthday with their cute cousin Ellie.  I was really happy to get a picture of all 3 with poofy cheeks!
Happy Birthday Jack and Aidan!  I hope you remember that 6 year olds don't throw fits, bathe themselves, get themselves dressed and don't pee the bed!  Don't forget, -k-?  :)

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Cecilee said...

Happy Birthday Aidan and Jack! Looks like you all had a great time with birthday celebrating. We can't wait to get to know them a little better this summer.