Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She worked up the courage!

I've been trying to get Abigail to get her ears pierced for a couple of years now.  Despite my cajoling, she has steadily maintained that she didn't want them pierced.  (Quite ironic, since I spent years begging my mom to let me get mine done, then I had to beg my daughter as well!)

When we were in Utah over Spring Break, I brought it up once again, and she agreed!  We were in a mall, so we went straight to the little shop.  After looking at the choices for a minute, she changed her mind and we left.  A little while later, she changed her mind back- she was really ready this time!  Only, before we made it back to the store, we remembered that she couldn't wear earrings at the soccer games... so we gave up on the idea until the end of soccer season.

Well, the last game was last Saturday, and that morning she asked if she could get them done!  I said... YES!  :)

So, just a few hours after the final game, we were in the mall, working up her nerve to follow through.

 Having a friend nearby helps with the nerves!  The store was SO crowded- we had to wait for 3 other people who were ahead of us, and there was a long line when we left.  It might have been better to wait for a slower day, but I figured I better strike while she was willing, otherwise I might have to wait another 2 years!
 The teeny accessory store was totally fun for the two boys who came to watch.  All sorts of things to try on and check out!
 As the time to pierce got closer, Abigail got calm, but Aidan started getting super nervous!  He kept giggling and jumping and telling me his tummy felt funny!  I thought it was so funny that he was more nervous than she was!
 When the girl right before her didn't flinch and claimed it didn't hurt, that was all she needed- she was ready to go!
They cleaned the ears and made the dots- then erased them and made them again.  I don't know if I had realized before, but she has perfect ear lobes!  Just a little bit hanging down without being too much, and not stuck straight to her head like mine are.
 And before we knew it, we were done!  Two new holes in her head and little sparkly flowers to show off to everyone.
"And it didn't even hurt- not a bit"


colleensewnsew said...

What a sweetie.

erika said...

What a cute, brave girl! What a fun memory for her.

StrawberryBlond said...

I had to beg for pierced ears too! My mom wouldn't let me do it until I was 12. But I remember it hurting like the devil. Do they do something different now? Or was I just a wimp? ;o)

Valeni said...

Abigail looks so cute and grown up. Can't wait to see you all again. I really miss you and think about you often.