Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soccer Time

I have loved this season of soccer!  All 3 cute kids on the same team has been so fun.  Of course, it means that we comprise almost half the team, plus one of the coaches, and therefore can never, ever miss a game or practice!  But watching them all play together has been wonderful.  It probably won't ever happen again, and I am sad to see it end!
 Jack and Aidan love playing together.  They love passing to each other and setting each other up for "moves".  It is hilarious.
 This is Abigail's best friend.  She lives in our neighborhood, and they are in the same school class.  They get along so well, and are hardly ever apart.  I love to see them comfort each other when they miss a play or celebrate together when they do something good!
 Such cute girls- I am so grateful for good friends who are a good influence!
 I also loved Kydon coaching.  He did such a great job with them.
 I did not love putting on 3 pairs of shoes and finding and washing and gathering and carrying 3 uniforms, 3 pairs of socks, 3 balls and 3 water bottles every single week.
 But I did love watching them play.  Every time one of them threw in the ball, it would be to a sibling.  Every time they passed it would be to a sibling.  I love watching that connection they have to each other.  I love that they had fun together.

 They each improved dramatically this year.  They understood positions and how to play their place.  Jack and Abigail both were able to score goals throughout the season, and Aidan came within inches, but didn't quite get it in this year.
 But he is going to play soccer until he is a grownup, so there is plenty of time for scoring. 
 We won't talk about how much time was spent chewing nails, rolling in the dirt, sitting down, doing cartwheels, and running out of the game to tell mom an important message, like what they want for dinner.
We will just remember how well they all played and how much fun we all had!

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