Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Reading

One of my plans for this summer includes the kids getting some good reading time in.  I've been looking at the summer reading programs, and they really aren't all that exciting.

So, I did what I do- I'm making my own!  And anyone who wants to join me is more than welcome!  In fact, for it to work well, I will need other people, so please join in!

Here is how it works: 
-The parent works with the child to set a reading goal.  It also might be nice to establish some sort of award to give them if they reach their goal, but that will be up to each individual parent.
-Once a month over the summer, we will have a "Lunch and Library Party" where we meet at a nearby park for lunch, then head over the the library to get a fresh supply of books. 
-At the end of summer, we will have a big party to celebrate our summer reading, maybe have each of the kids talk about one of their favorite books.

Email me at momto3under2(at)gmail.com for the dates/locations/etc. 

The goal for my kids will be 70 min/week which works out to 10 min/ day.  Most things I read recommend 20/day for Abigail's age, and 15 for Jack and Aidan.  However, I want this to be a goal that we can all REACH, and accomplish.  All of my darlings still require active help and listening while they read, so that is 30 min/day of me listening to s-s-s-s-s-u-u-u-u-n-, s-u-n, sun to get each and every word out.  There is no way I will stick with it if I have to do that for an hour a day!  Plus with vacations and Saturdays and all the other things we have going on this summer, I think that is a reasonable and achievable goal for us.

Our reward will be:  $10 that they can do whatever they want with.  I'm also going to give them the option of earning an extra 25 cents for every 10 min they read over their goal, so they will be able to earn as much money as they want.  I'm hoping to see Abigail take the plunge and get into reading.  She LOVES books, and is a fairly competant reader, but she hates to read.  She much prefers me to read to her, so I'm hoping she can figure it out enough to start enjoying it.  Jack and Aidan like to read, and are actually pretty good for their age- I just need to work with them to develop their skill and mastery of words.