Thursday, May 26, 2011

Work Hard... Play Hard!

The poster is finished- now summer can begin! 
I must have gotten this from my mother.  She always had the best charts and posters to make work fun. 

Our Summertime motto- Work Hard, Play Hard, and don't bug people!  I am going to expect a lot of work out of these little ones, but we are also going to do a lot of fun stuff as well.  I figure if we are all kept busy, there won't be as much time to drive each other crazy!

Starting with work- every day they each need to get dressed, brush their teeth, and make their bed.  I know, I'm a slave driver.  :)  They also have a "weekly" list- 4 jobs that need to be done each week.  They can do them all in one day or space them out, but it will need to be done by Friday (or else).  These lists are each different, and I will rotate them each week.

This section gives is our calendar/schedule, so they know which days we have swim lessons, what day we will go to the museum, and what school subjects we will be working on.  I also wrote things like baths, ice cream day, etc.  2 checkboxes on the side- one for behavior (5 days of no screaming fits means they participate in ice cream day), and one for school work (5 days of getting work done will earn a family movie night).

At the bottom I will attach a reward chart.  When I catch them doing something nice or extra good, they can click off a box- 10 boxes will mean a trip to the treasure box or a playdate with a friend.  Also there is a place for the TV tickets. 

I am ready for summer!  Bring it on!


colleensewnsew said...

What a great chart! You make a mother proud. I want to be part of your summer fun.

quailene said...

Could you be anymore organized or creative???????? You are one awesome mama!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Ok I love your motto! I am going to borrow it if you don't mind. :)