Friday, June 24, 2011

A boy obsessed

When Aidan was a toddler, he developed a love of trains.  This love of trains eventually led us to discover a Museum that was all about trains.  The museum started as a memorial to the story of the Great Locomotive Chase.  In the beginning, he was mainly fascinated with the trains, but the story is a pretty interesting one, and he began to love the story.  Recently the love of that story has developed into a full blown obsession with the civil war. 

He has become a soldier.  Sometimes he fights for the confederacy, and sometimes he fights for the union.  He takes his soldier duty VERY seriously.
We had a rifle on hand, but no bayonet- so he had to make his own.  He found hats, weapons, and various props to assist him in his work.
I can't help but smile every time I hear the heavy footfalls of my soldier marching in formation, guarding the house from enemy attack.  Quite often I am asked to play the role of the soldiers mother.  I have to be worried and concerned, and provide him with food.
We found out a neighbor of ours is also interested in the civil war, and the two  of them have many conversations about the particulars of battle.  He taught Aidan how to salute with a rifle and the proper stance for firing his weapon.
Along with the love of the Civil War, he has discovered these small plastic army men.  It is all he can do to earn enough money to run to the store and buy another bag of them.  He also spends HOURS setting each and every one of them up in just the right formation.  (And hours crying when some clumsy fool bounces the floor and 2/3 of them fall over).  Here he has recreated the battle of Fort Sumter.
 Have army men... will travel.  We have to take them EVERYWHERE we go- doctors office, pool, friends house, we must not leave home without the precious army men.  And when we get there, they must be set up just right, and cried about when they fall.
 He asked the librarian for the kids civil war section, and came home with approximately 125,000 books about the civil war, which Kydon and I have the pleasure of reading to him.  The other day he told our neighbor that he is studying the battle of Gettysburg.  And I can promise that he really is!
The favorite book so far- combining his love of weapons with his love of the civil war.  Check out the Gatling Gun on the cover- did you know it can shoot 100 bullets per minute?  I didn't, but I do now.

We have been to a few battlefields.  We have watched documentaries.  We have explored countless books.  I know more about the civil war than I ever did growing up.  He is a boy obsessed. 


colleensewnsew said...

I also am learning more about the Civil War than I did before. He is inspiring!

Susie said...

That's really cute!! Perhaps he will become a historian! I live in Australia and studied American History at university - I still have a fantastic book right next to me on my bookshelf about American History. Australia isn't old enough for a fascinating history like the American's. Good on you for fostering his interest.I'm currently interested in the quilts made before and after the civil war...I look forward to seeing his interest progress! Have a great day. Susie