Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Final First Tooth

Jack has been waiting, and longing, and hoping for the day that he would FINALLY lose a tooth.  It is so hard to be the last one to hit the milestone!

 He didn't really have any that were even wiggling, but thanks (?) to a trampoline-related collision with his brother's hard head, his 2 bottom teeth got really loose really quick.  One tightened back up, but he kept working the other, and it finally got loose enough to pull out.
He couldn't have been more happy!  Finally, a hole like the others!  After Aidan's success with note-leaving for the tooth fairy, Jack wrote one that demanded $10.00 or a toy.  Hey, at least he left an option!  Since it was his first tooth, and he is the last child, the tooth fairy obliged with a little nerf basketball hoop for his door. 

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Cecilee said...

Those are the cutest pictures! Love the missing teeth stage. Classic....