Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Conundrum

I have a conundrum this summer.  Actually two.  Here is the first:

Aidan very much prefers to stay home.  All day every day.  Now, he does like to do fun things, and he enjoys the pool immensely, but if he does not have plenty of hours to relax at home, he is one unhappy boy.  He will actually beg me to not do fun stuff and let him stay home.  (A boy after my own heart).

Abigail very much prefers to be going and going and going every minute of the day.  She is STARVED for human companionship, and she must go and do everything she can, with as many people as possible.

Jack, thank goodness, is okay with either.  He loves to go places and do things, but he is also happy playing at home.

I've been trying to balance both preferences, having some times of going places and balancing it with some down time, but the going isn't enough for one, and the staying isn't enough for the other.

Luckily, Abigail has a friend right across the street.  That friend has been playing with and inviting Abigail along with her to whatever they might be doing.  I thought it was the perfect solution- Abigail could be out and about, and Aidan could be home more.

However, nothing is that easy.  Enter the second conundrum:

Aidan, while desiring to be at home and playing quietly, also hates to be left out of anything.  Every time Abigail goes to do something, he is quite upset and annoyed and hurt that he doesn't get to go.  However, every time we join them or plan our own thing to do, he is also annoyed and upset that he can't stay home.


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Valeni said...

Just catching up on your news since the computer has been down this week. Congratulations on the bread! It looks great.