Monday, June 6, 2011


Today, Abigail woke up and did ALL of her cleaning projects for the whole week and all of her school work for the whole day, and then did some of Jack and Aidan's work.  (Waking up happy at 5am does have some benefits!)

Today, we saw an adorable puppet show, which Aidan didn't like and didn't want to go and hated.  (When he wasn't laughing his head off and dancing, that is!)

Today, we are way behind on our homeschool projects and work.  (Oh well!)

Today, we made a detour after the puppet show and walked to the doughnut store.  (yum!)

Today, after fueling up on doughnuts, we walked over to the Library.  (Even though we have plans to meet friends there tomorrow!)

Today, Aidan found the Civil War section of kids books.  (He will be occupied for at least 2 weeks!)

Today, Abigail wants to read all 10 books to get her reward tomorrow.  (She only has 4 more to go, and it's only noon!)

Today has not gone at all according to my carefully laid plan.  (Thank goodness!)

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