Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wild Dog

We've had a visitor the past 3 days.

Meet "Wild Dog"

 Jack named him Max, Aidan named him Shock (because he looks like he got hit by lightning), and Abigail named her Hannah (because she might be a girl).  I just called it Wild Dog, and I hoped every day that we wouldn't see him anymore.
I mean, how torturous is it to have 3 wild kids at home all day, trapped inside because outside is this crazy wild dog, roaming around our street.  The kids LOVED him- from inside.  They would smear themselves all over the window talking and calling to this dog.  

Therefore, the dog spent an unnatural amount of time outside our house, hoping for something.   After 2 days, we finally called Animal Control.  This durn dog sat on our front porch for 2 hours in the morning.  The AC dude pulls up, and the durn dog is g.o.n.e.  No where to be found. 
 I was so sick of it that we decided to try and do something about it.  The next time he came around, I lured him into the backyard, and shut the gate.  He trotted very nicely up on our deck and sat there like any normal dog would.  We quick called Animal Control back, and they raced out and went after him.
 As I was inside with the kids, watching Kydon and AC guy try to corner this Wild Dog, I couldn't help but wonder...
 How the heck do I get involved in this stuff?  There was a time I wouldn't even have known this dog existed, let alone playing a pivitol role in trapping and catching him.  What happened to my life of go to work, go to sleep, and eat out?  Now I'm trying to corrall and trap wild dogs so that my wild kids are free to roam the streets.
 Aidan was pretty sad when the truck drove away- I think he was secretly hoping to keep Shock.
 Abigail was happy to have that thing gone.  Her friend across the street has been at home all week, and they were too scared to run back and forth 50,000 times a day like they usually do.
 Jack was also a bit sad.  First Grandma's dog had to go back home after spending a week with us, and now Max had to go away as well... I guess a wild dog is better than no dog at all!
Bye bye, wild one!


ali said...

that is one mangy looking dog!

the Villamor's said...

poor dog! he just needs some lovin' :)