Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Airlines Are Messing With Me

$25.00 to check a bag?  My cheap self just can't do it.

We have 5 ticketed passengers, which means we each get one carry-on bag and one personal bag.  Do the math- that is 10 bags.  Space isn't so much the issue- all of our things fit just fine in those 10 (TEN!) bags.

But the problems are many.
--- Carrying 10 bags through the airport.  Yuck!  The kids help a little (mostly with the ones that are easy to carry, leaving the big heavy awkward ones for Kydon and I), but still.  10 bags carried by 2 people through tiny little airplane isles isn't really the greatest experience I've ever had.

--- Keeping up with them all.  The trunk of the rental car was packed full- we should be good to go, right?  Too bad we left a bag in every place we stayed.  One is being shipped, one we had to go back for.  Seriously, who can keep up with that many bags when dealing with sleep deprivation and over activity x 5? 

And now, a new problem.  All 10 bags, full of dirty clothes and random items and everything you can imagine are staring me in the face- just waiting to be unpacked, cleaned out and put away.  Usually 3 is enough to make me tired.  10 is just ridiculous! 

I keep telling myself "just one at a time", but then I decided to blog instead. 


colleensewnsew said...

Avoidance --always the best strategy for dealing with difficult tasks!

Melinda said...

Not to mention security--I think people should have paid for the show we put on every time all 6 of us and 12 bags went though security.

ali said...

yeah, and if the security is strict, they'll pull out all of your toiletries and throw them away. Not fun. I wonder how far people will let the airlines go before we all just say enough and stop flying.