Friday, July 8, 2011

Learning to swim

One of the very first things we did this summer was take some swimming lessons.  We had our first ones last summer, so this year was more of a refining and learning some strokes.  It was a good thing for my 3 fearless fish, because we have been in the pool as much as possible this year!

 Isn't this boy cute?  They all 3 just LOVE the water.  And when it is hot, humid and miserable outside, going to the pool is the perfect way to cool off.
 Abigail really shone in her lessons this year.  She learned all of the basic strokes, and her coach said she didn't really need lessons anymore- just more practice, so we are planning on joining a swim team next summer!
 Jack loves the water.  He will do all sorts of crazy flips and turns and dives.
 All 3 love the dive sticks where they drop a toy in the water then get to dive in and retrieve it off the bottom of the pool.  They didn't really love the swim lessons, but it did teach them some good techniques that they use.
 Abigail looked so great doing all these swim strokes!
 But the very favorite is jumping- either off the diving board or off the edge.
 Talk about crazy!  I loved how much fun they have doing this! 
Abigail tried hard to concentrate on her form... she improved, but needs a little more practice!

The pool has been so fun this year- we almost always see friends when we go, and I love that I can finally sit and read a book when I feel like it, or jump in and swim laps or play with the kids when I feel like doing those things.  Fun for all of us- can't beat that!

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