Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Notes for Next April

A few notes to myself, to be opened next April:
  1. The last week of school is a wash for me.  Between all the parties and volunteering and last minute things that need to be done, I better plan on all of MY projects being finished and wrapped up by the second-to-last week of school. 
  2. Forget signing up for all the camps.  The kids enjoy them, but it isn't as much fun as it seems, and the money would be better spent on: A) a museum or other membership that we can enjoy during the heat, and B) a weekend vacation for the whole family to enjoy.
  3. Don't be scared of summer.  Yes, the kids are home all day every day, but after a few days, we all figure out the rhythm and routine and it becomes really, really fun.
  4. 2 weeks before school ends, give the house a good scrubbing, because it probably won't happen again until Augst.
  5. As long as we have a pool pass, summer will be fun for all of us... especially now that the kids can play while mama reads a good book!  Be sure to have a good list of books to read.
  6. Also, next April, start making a bunch of freezer meals.  All the running and managing and playing really wears Mama out, and way too many nights were spent eating out simply because I was worn out.  Freezer meals would ensure an easy dinner, and an oven with a timer means we can be gone all afternoon and come home to a hot meal.
What notes do *you* have for yourself?  Any tips or advice for me?


Savannah said...

Marcia Lynn McClure is my favorite author. :) I also really enjoy Richard Paul Evans. I've been rereading the Harry Potter Series this summer and I think I'll also reread The Hunger Games. Its my turn to pick the book for book club this month and I choose "Marley & Me". LOVE it!

colleensewnsew said...

Enjoy your kids now -- they grow up all too fast, and you have to wait to do fun things with the grandkids.

Cecilee said...

You are sooo lucky that you can sit and read a book at the pool. That's such a great place to be with the kids. Can't wait to see you all in person!!

Rebecca said...

Great list! I agree with all of them!