Monday, July 11, 2011

When the TV goes off

After the morning work was done, I informed the kids that we would not be watching TV today.  Yikes.  Sometimes I just get tired of it, and I also notice that when the box is on, the behaviour is worse.  So today we are going to find other things to do. 

Abigail has many ideas of things to do.  First I said no to the lemonade stand, then I said no to the garage sale (even though I wouldn't have to do *anything*)!  Finally, when she wanted to make a tattoo stand, I agreed. 

Tattoos- only 25 cents!

 With a Civil War show for an extra 25 cents!  (But I found out later that if you want two soldiers in your show, you have to fork over an extra quarter.  Bait and switch at age 7).
 I actually thought the tattoos were quite clever- she got a piece of tape, colored on the sticky side, then stuck it to you to transfer the color, and when the tape was removed....
 Wah-lah!  Can you see my bracelet tattoo?  Quite a bargain at 25 cents!
 She did a necklace on herself.
 Now for the show.  Aidan has been estatic to have one more piece to add to his Union Army uniform- a real union hat (thanks to Granny and Grandpa). 
 There was fierce combat.
 Guerilla warfare...
 Wounds and injuries...
 A lot of running, shooting, ducking, and scampering...

 It really was quite the entertainment for only 50 cents...

 At the end, the confederacy was defeated and the union won.

 The tattoo artist had assisted to make very real-looking wounds and blood.

When the show was over, we discovered that when tattoo artists have no one else to tattoo, they turn their attention to themselves.

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Cecilee said...

This is HILARIOUS! Mom and I are sitting here laughing over everything. What clever children you have.... so smart. Amazing how creative kids are!

We hope to see the civil war show too. We will even pay! See you soon!