Thursday, August 11, 2011

4th of July at Lake Lanier

We decided at the last minute to take a little trip over the fourth of July holiday.   After a lot of trying to figure out where to go and what to do, we ended up at a resort/water park just a little bit north of us.  I had heard of it for years and years, but I'd never been there before.
We had so much fun.  The resort was fabulous, the water park was fun without being overwhelming.  The kids were big enough to ride all the slides they wanted to.  The resort was beautiful and had walking trails, a swimming pool and on Friday night they did a "dive in movie". 
It was so much fun to just get away with our little family and enjoy ourselves.  The kids were all amazingly behaved, and so was I.  :)
Q:  What is the only thing better than sitting on a fountain and pretending to pee?
A:  Having a twin brother to sit across from you and spray each other with fake pee!
The highlight of the trip was a dinner we had one night.  We asked around and got a recommendation for a place right next to a marina.  It was a few minutes drive from where we were, but we decided to go for it.  The restaurant was right on the water, so we got to see the lake and boats driving all around.  The restaurant had some live music, and best of all, a gigantic sandbox. 
The kids were occupied the whole time we were waiting, and then we made them come to the table and eat, then they ran right back into the sand and were busy and happy the whole time we were there.  It was a wonderful dinner for Kydon and I to sit and listen to the music and watch the water and eat delicious food. 
I'm going to remember the fun of that evening for a long time! 
The kids had a total blast on the water slides and rides.  They are all so brave!!  I was never that brave as a kid- actually, I'm still not that brave!  Those things make me nervous!  :)
I was happy to stand at the bottom and cheer them on, and Kydon was happy to join them on the rides!
We had such a great time, and everyone enjoyed themselves so much. 
I love these pictures of the kids all tired and wet and a little cold wrapped up in their special blankets from my mom! 

Nothing is as soft and warm as Grandma's blanket! 


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