Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School Prep


Did you hear me?  MONDAY!

That is 1.5 normal days and 2 weekend days, and then it starts.

I am so not ready to send my kids away and not see them for 6 hours every single day.  On the other hand, I am SO ready to send them away!  :)  I wish they had half day 1st and 2nd grade.  Does anyone do that??? 

Today I am cleaning out their drawers- out with all the soft, comfortable, easy clothing and in with the "dress code":  all khakis and polos.  [poor boys]

I'm also prepping snacks... my goal is to send all homemade snacks this year- NO MORE goldfish/ cheese crackers/ overly processed junk.  I've been experimenting with recipes, and so far it is looking rather great! 

I think the kids are ready (except for dress code)- you know it has been a long summer when you offer to take them swimming and they say "no thanks"! 


Julie P said...

I'd really love it if you posted some of your snack recipes and ideas. I keep having the same goal...and failing.

erika said...

Shanna I would also love your snack recipes! I've been struggling with what to send my kids to school with too.

Shanna said...

I would love to share! I will get a post together soon.

Cecilee said...

Hey! What's wrong with goldfish? I think Jenna built most of her 5-6 year old bone and muscle from that and corndogs. ;o)

I await your recipe post of the homemade snacks....

Best of luck on Monday. We'll be thinking of you. We still have 3 weeks!

Jen said...

I came to comment so I could request recipes for your snacks...several people have beat me to it. I look forward to your post with them.

Looks like you guys had a great time this summer. I'm jealous of all of your fun times.