Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School!

Yesterday was back-to-school day for my 3 cute kids!  Even though they drive me crazy at times, I was really not ready to send them back- there was so much we hadn't done over the summer!  I wasn't finished with them! 

Nevertheless, school was starting, and so back we went! 
 They were so excited this first morning- jumped right out of bed, got ready super quick and easy- I'm sure that won't last long!
 Abigail is starting 2nd grade.  Wow- that seems so big!  She is ready for it, but I don't know if I am!
 Thank goodness we have the absolute best school!  I keep having thoughts of doing homeschool, but their school is so great- I just can't take them out of it!
 Jack is in the 1st grade.  He is more than ready!  He has one of his best friends from last year in his class, so that will be really fun for him.
 Our school started a dress code (aka uniforms) this year.  I was totally excited, and Abigail was all for it.  Jack and Aidan were quite sad that they could no longer wear their "soft clothes" any more.  They were not looking forward to waistbands and buttons and collars!
 Aidan is also in 1st grade.  He does surprisingly well at school.  He delights his teachers, and his teacher this year has a grandmother or something who is a civil war historian.  Talk about a good match!
 I had a VERY productive day- it is amazing what you can get done when they are all gone!  But of course I missed them like crazy, and I was very glad to see this sight- the day had felt very long!
 I'm happy to report they each had a great day and all came home on "green" (good behavior)!  Whew!  :)
 Although I was a little surprised that they each had homework the very first day- no mercy!  (Told you I liked this school)!  It was easy, and once I told them no tv until it was done, it got finished very quickly!
 It went well enough that they are all happy to go back tomorrow!


Valeni said...

Thanks for sharing the first day of school. They all looked so cute going off. So glad the year is starting out so well! Love you all

Cecilee said...

The kids look great! Love the uniforms! I wish we had them. I think I'll try to get that going at our school for next year.... So glad everyone seems happy and is having fun.