Friday, August 12, 2011

I tried to let it grow

I have been trying to get Abigail to grow her hair out.  I'm not trying for the super long look, but at least a little past her shoulders- mostly just to try something different and see if it would actually grow that long!

She prefers it short, and had asked several times to cut it.  I resisted, and was determined to let it grow.

However, there was one small problem that was driving me crazy.
 She developed the "hair in the mouth" habit.  Everywhere we went, every time I looked at her, that darn hair was stuck in that mouth. 
Finally, one day she was begging me to cut her hair short and I looked at her chewing on it, and agreed right then and there to chop it off.  I ran up and got my scissors, and started cutting.

I made her pull all different pieces to her mouth, and any that reached got cut again!  I'm hoping by the time it grows out again that she will be out of the habit and we can have a little length again!  At the last second, she begged for bangs, and I gave in... sort of regret that now, especially since I cut them way too short and made them look a little funky.  But when she looked in the mirror, she gave some shouts of joy, and said it was perfect, so at least one of us is happy! 

After she saw how cute it is, she started doing all these funny poses: 

This girl cracks me up!


StrawberryBlond said...

The bangs are cute! She's got that cute/funky girl look that so many creative people sport these days (thinking Heather Bailey: ).

Rebecca said...

Soooooo cute! I love it! Great job!

colleensewnsew said...

Love that girl!