Monday, August 8, 2011

It has to get worse before it gets better

I am not a fan of Bradford Pear trees.  They are huge, majorly stinky, block the grass from getting any sun, and can easily split and land on your house during any thunderstorm.  When we moved into our house, we had two in our side yard.  We took one out right away, and a few weeks ago we got rid of the other.
Of course, like everything else, we have to do it ourselves.  With the help of my Father in Law, of course!  This tree was majorly huge.  You can see the scale by looing at Kydon, and the bench in the background. 
The kids were very useful in dragging branches to the street.  They only complained a little, because it actually was kind of fun to chop and drag around a giant tree.  And there were many sticks that made perfect swords.
Thank goodness for Kydon's parents, who are always up for a project!

The only one who didn't participate was Abigail.  When the first branch fell and released a major dust cloud of pollen, her poor little eyes turned watery and red and she started sniffling and snorting from her allergies.  I could not believe how much pollen was in this thing- I hope it helps her to be less miserable now that it is gone! 
We finally got it all piled up, ready for the big trucks to come.  We also trimmed some branches off the neighbors tree, since we were out there already.  We even had the stumps ground and went out and dug up a bunch of the roots.  Now, instead of a flowerbed surrounding a tree, we have a giant dirt/weed pile that looks awful with random plants scattered around.  Hey, hard work pays off, right?


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Cecilee said...

This post just made me smile and laugh. Thanks! I needed that.