Sunday, August 14, 2011

Major Summer Trip

Our big trip for the summer was to Idaho- we spent time in Boise, Sun Valley, and Twin Falls. 

We arrived at midnight, so we decided for the first night to get a hotel with a swimming pool- that way we could let the kids go swimming in the morning before heading to the family reunion in Sun Valley.

 It started out pretty great- as long as we can go swimming, the kids are pretty happy!
 Unfortunately, the happiness quickly dissolved into this:
 And we didn't last long at the pool.  Hmmmm... I guess the day before was just too much!
 Luckily we made it to Sun Valley without any incident, even managing to pack 10 bags, a cooler, a watermelon and $200 worth of groceries into the trunk of our Ford Focus. 
 The best part was seeing the family!  There were cousins we had never met, and the last time all the kids were together was when the boys were 1, so they didn't remember them.  I loved how quickly they all just meshed and became instant friends!
 Abigail has been interested in ice skating and took a class recently.  Sun valley has a year-round outdoor ice skating rink, so we had to take advantage of it.
 Jack, Abigail and I loved it.  Erik and Preston also hung in for quite a while. 
 Aidan made me pay for him to do, but he was done after 2.3 minutes.
 But it was worth it for Abigail, who loved it the whole time and only stopped when her leg had a huge raw spot where the boot was rubbing on it.
 Aidan enjoyed watching from the side,
 Then he and a few cousins got to get ice cream. 
 Preston, Bryce and Makayla shared our cabin, which was perfect for the kids.  They totally enjoyed each other and staying up late and sleeping all piled up in the same room.
Fun times with cousins are the best!  I'll post more about our trip later!

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Valeni said...

Love those faces! So glad the cousins could be friends and get to know each other. Thanks for doing such a good job with keeping up your blog.