Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Work is Never Done

This is what I suddenly today remembered about my school-is-in schedule.  My work is never done!  Summer was busy.  Very busy, in fact.  But I didn't worry so much about the work, I was just trying to keep up with the kids.  Now that school is back in, and they are gone all day, I am remembering how tiring it is! 

School-Time work: Things to be done while they are gone.  Includes all shopping (98% grocery, 2% stuff the kids need), all errands, doctor appointments, cleaning, baking, exercise, and all of my millions of projects. 

After School Work:  Includes sorting backpacks, helping with homework, making dinner, and general house clean up.

After Bed Work:  Work to be done after the kids are down, usually laundry or emails or craft projects. 

I remember thinking last year that my day never ends!  I get bits of down time throughout the day, but there is never a "stop" time or a specific change time.  Does any one else experience this?  What do you do to not feel overwhelmed by it all?


Caroline said...

oh ask jack about mrs. cappadona

Cecilee said...

I hear ya! Yesterday I just kept thinking what a great day it was.... how much I got done. But it truly never ends and by the end of the day I was in a pretty bad mood. I like to make a stopping point around 9:30 where I just sit and watch TV, read a book or do whatever I want so I can keep my sanity. Have you read "The Help" yet? I think you would love it. It was my most recent down-time enjoyment.

btw, let's start thinking Cruise!