Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I thought that since school starts on Monday, it might be nice to blog about some of the fun things we did this summer before it is over! 

In June we went to the local Sprayground.  I was really happy about it, because they made two major improvements- 1- they added some shade awnings.  Thank goodness!!  And 2- they cut the price in half.  I thought that if the kids liked it, we could make it a regular thing to go there this summer.
 After about 10 minutes, I realized we would most definately not be adding it to our routine!  Between asking for snacks, begging for money for the consession stand and staring longingly at the regular playground a few yards away, I'm surprised they even got wet.
 Even though there were a few enjoyable moments (does every little boy like to sit on the spray and pretend it is pee?) overall it was a whining cry fest.
 They each made sure to tell me how much they hated it and how determined they were to never go again.
 I wasn't arguing too much- sitting in a chair packed under 10 feet of shade with every mother there wasn't exactly my idea of fun either!
So, we did it, we went, we got wet, and checked it off the list!  And I got another notch in my "Mean Mommy" belt.

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