Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swim like Fish

Still trying to catch up all the summer posts before the kids go back to school (in just 1.5 days! Yikes)! 

I would say the thing we did more than absolutely anything else is swim.  We bought passes to the city pool, and went along with my sister to her pool as well.  The first two weeks of summer, we were in the water every single day. 
Here we are with some cousins at my sisters pool.  The kids just loved the water, loved being wet and cool, and loved playing all the diving games, races, and "sharks and minnows".
 They all spend most of the time at the pool going off the diving board.  Abigail's favorite jump is to do a flip.  She also likes to dive.
 Jack loves to flip, do a can opener, or cannonball.  Aidan loves the pencil, or one he made up called the sitter (he jumps then sits criss-cross to go in).
 At the end of summer, Jack and Aidan actually went to a springboard diving class where they got to learn all kinds of new twists and turns and jumps.  They weren't the most technically accurate in the class, but they sure had fun trying!
 We all loved the pools this summer- the perfect way to beat the heat!

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