Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We have company coming soon.  About a month from now the house will be filled.  What is it about this that makes me want to completely redo a room in our house?  Okay, 2 rooms.

A few years ago we hosted Thanksgiving dinner.  10 days before the dinner, I figured I could rip off all the wallpaper in my kitchen.  Guess what?  We had dinner while looking at ripped up walls.  It was lovely.  A page right out of Southern Living.

Now I have 2 projects. 
#1:  Bathroom.

It needs an overhaul- a wall taken out, new vanity, new tile, new mirror, fixtures and showerhead, etc etc.  We could do it ourselves, right??  In 3 weeks, right? 

I mean, I have ALL this extra time since the kids are in school, right???

#2:  Bedroom

Abigail's cute pink and brown bedroom.  I would love to paint it and do a board and batten treatment to it.  And paint it, of course. 

I can do all that in just a few weeks, right???  Along with working and volunteering and cooking and (not cleaning- I gave that up), caring for 3 small children.

No problem.  I think I'll head to Lowe's right now.  {or maybe not}

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Best Church Art Ever

Every week when church is over, I get handed about 12 random pieces of paper.  Everything from invitations to coloring pages to announcements.  I usually at least glance at them before putting them in my special place.  This past week, however, I had to take a second glance, and it actually made me laugh out loud.

Abigail had obviously discussed in her class about saying prayers- on one side of the paper the teacher wrote "I thank Thee" and Abigail wrote in "the earth" and drew a picture of rainbows and trees and flowers.  The other side of the paper the teacher had written "I ask Thee" and Abigail finished the thought with "for people to get well".  Sounds lovely, and it was... until I saw the accompanying picture:

 A little disturbing- what appears to be a person holding a sledgehammer smashing it into a second persons head.

Let's zoom in, shall we?
Nice detail with all the little exclamation lines surrounding the one getting smashed, and at least the hitter is frowning.  That's a good thing, right??

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Long Time, No Blog

Have I really not blogged since Sept 5???  Holy cow, that is a long time for me!  I have had so much going on and been doing so much... I will try to catch up, then post a funny story with pictures tomorrow.

Get ready!  Are you ready?  Okay, you're right - there isn't really anything to get ready for.  Just read.  And comment if you feel inclined.

1.  I'm going to number my updates.  No reason except I just wanna.

2.  WORK.  The hospital is very, very slow in the summer.  Did you know that?  Empty.  It is like a ghost town there.  Not that I would know, because when the hospital is slow, I don't work.  I have "non guaranteed hours" which means that if they don't need me, I can't go in and they don't pay me.  But with the kids back in school and the weather turning cold now and then, the hospital is hopping again (I can explain why if you really want to know), and I am trying to make up a lot of my lost hours by working extra. 

It is really fun, because I love work.  {insert laugh track here}  Actually, I DO really like my work under certain conditions.  1. I have just the right amount of patients (too many is too busy, too few makes the hours drag).  2.  The patients I have are sick enough to need to be there but not sick enough that they require lots and lots of attention from me.  Believe me, you don't want to be the one in the hospital that requires lots of attention.  3.  I'm not completely exhausted.  This rarely happens, because I work 7p-7a, and I do it infrequently enough that I don't ever at all stay on the night schedule.  So I am always really, really tired. 

Sometimes all 3 of those conditions exist and work is not bad- borders on pleasant even.  I worked 2 days last week and 2 days this week, and I would like to state for the record that NONE of my conditions were met.  I had too many patients, too much work, my patients got really unreasonably sick and I couldn't fix them like I sometimes can, and I was so worn out.  It makes me not want to go back- ever.  Luckily I get paid on Friday and I will remember why it is that I go.  [yes, that's right.  No touchy feely "I just like to help sick children".  I go because they pay me.  That is just about the *only* reason I go, and if they didn't pay me, I wouldn't go.  The end.]

3.  SCHOOL.  The kids are in school.  All 3.  All day.  I miss them like crazy!  I joined the PTA.  And by "join" I mean that I somehow ended up on the executive board.  Sounds fancy, right?  I'm putting it on my resume.  Executive Board.  Really it just means that I have to do a bunch of work.  Really fun stuff like meetings and covering 75 books with contact paper.  I'm really happy to be doing it.  Last year I did a lot more in the classrooms, but it doesn't seem to be working out this year, so I love that I can still be at the school seeing people and helping.  I love passing my pumpkins in the hall or being the one that tests their ears.  It was worth testing the other 52 kids just to get a high-five from Jack and a hug and kiss from Aidan.  I'm making friends and I feel like I'm a part of what is going on at school.  I love it, but it does add quite a few things to my calendar. 

5.  EXERCISE.  I do it.  A lot!  Very strange for me.  :)  I go running virtually every day, and I'm lifting weights like crazy.  I've lost a bit of weight (not that much since I still eat really bad/good stuff), but I can totally see my arms getting toned up.  And I have way more energy and strength than I ever have.  I can run a mile pretty easily now, which I don't think I have ever done before.  I love it!

4.  HOUSEWORK.  I have abandoned housework.  Really, who wants to do it?  Not me, that's for sure.  I've set up two different schedules since school started, and I've bummed out on both of them.  It seems like I should have plenty of time, but I seem to spend my time doing other stuff....  go figure.  Do you have any advice for me?  My house really needs some cleaning.

5.  BAKING.  I bake and cook all the time.  I have been sending home made lunches 100% this year.  I have sent homemade snacks 100% this year.  We've eaten out a few times, but for the most part I have been cooking and baking (and doing dishes) like crazy.  I also make my own 100% whole wheat bread.  I never buy bread at the store anymore (the kids have shown no signs of caring either way, but Kydon misses the white stuff once in a while).

6.  SEWING.  Almost never.  I put my machine mostly away and I don't really miss it right now.  I'm sure I will get back to my crafty ways, but for now I'm happy pursuing other interests.  Same goes for shopping and housework and photography. 

7.  SICKNESS.  Abigail and Jack had strep.  They stayed at home several days just not feeling well.  As soon as they got a little better, Kydon got sick with a cold/sinus thing, and then I got it.  Mine hung around long enough to turn into something different with more sinus/cough problems, and now it seems that Abigail has strep again.  Yuck!  I just feel bad for Aidan, because he is the one who wants a "day off" more than anybody else!  He, of course, has somehow managed to avoid all the germs that are taking the rest of us down!  Poor guy, he would give just about anything to stay home alone for a day.  I started to tell him to lick Abigail's spoon or something, but before I said it I realized that he really would do it, so I just gave him a toy from my stash.

There you have it- my update and why I've been too busy to blog the past couple of weeks.  I'll try to amend that.  I do have a really funny picture to share.  I hope it really is funny and not just funny-to-me-because-I'm-their-mom.  Okay, don't get your hopes up... maybe it isn't funny, but I thought it was, and I'll share it tomorrow!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Final Days in Idaho

For the final few days of our trip out west, we drove back to Kydon's sisters house to spend the night, then traveled to visit my Aunt and head on home.  We made a new tradition of leaving a bag in every place we stayed, so that made for some fun phone calls and extra trips.  Nothing like a little excitement to spice up a trip!
 More picnics, and more cool waterfalls.
 More cute kids!

 The family togetherness!
 Here we are hiking a mountain in Boise with my Aunt, cousin and her kids.  More kid cousins are a good thing, and my kids just loved playing with them!
 I think it is a rule of pictures that if the whole family is in the same shot, at least two have to be looking away, pulling a weird face, and/or putting their arms in awkward positions.  I'm just glad we weren't breaking any rules!
Here I am with my Aunt and cousin.  I'm glad the kids weren't the only ones who got to play with their cousins!  It was so fun to see them and talk to them!  And my Aunt was incredibly patient with my little angels, who demanded every toy in her house, 57 million snacks, knocked down her quilt design wall (she just told them that it probably needed to be rearranged anyway), and even gave them some of her toys to take home when they explained that they didn't have that exact toy at their house!  Thanks everyone, for hosting us and accomodating us! 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Redfish Lake

My favorite day of our vacation was the day we drove a little north and spent some time at Redfish Lake.  It is incredibly beautiful (even if it was COLD- in JULY)!   As we were packing the car to head up, I told Kydon that my inner planner was freaking out because I was bringing jackets, sweaters, shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits and flip flops for everyone!  And you know, by the time we went home, we had used each and every one of those items! 
 As soon as we got there, Kydon realized he had left his jacket in the hotel, so he made a quick stop at the gift shop for a sweatshirt.  They had these little play guns- 2 for $5.  We got 4 so the boys would have something to play with.  Jack and Aidan loved them to pieces!!  Well worth a couple bucks.  :)
 We always have to eat!  A picnic lunch was enjoyed by all... followed by some chipmunk chasing by the younger set.
 These two girls are only 1 month apart- I love that they had a chance to get to know each other a bit!
 We took a boat across the lake and went on a hike.  FYI, guy at the dock who said the trail would accomodate a stroller- it didn't!!
 Our hike led us to lilly pad lake- it was amazing to walk up and see this water completely covered with lilly pads!
 I love it when twin brothers sit on a rock and discuss the world together!
 A bit past the lake was this huge waterfall.  We loved it, and for once the cool breeze was welcome!
 After the hike we did a little beach time, and rented some canoes and paddle boats for a bit more fun before heading home.
 The water was so clear- it was basically the opposite of our hot, slimy GA lakes!  I loved the clarity of this one, but I'll take heat over cold any day!
 Kydon and siblings (and a spouse)
 Our cute family on the paddle boat.  It wasn't awkward at all to have 5 people on there, 3 of whom were never happy with where they were sitting and constantly switching places.  At least no one fell in, so we are calling it fun.

 There was also ice cream.  Of course.
 I loved watching Abigail snuggle with her baby cousin- he was so content letting her hold him and squeeze him tight!

I'll have to show her these pics the next time she insits that she will never, ever have any kids!

Where was I? Oh yeah... summer!

Holy cow... I feel like I have been running non stop since school started!  Life is insanely busy!  But I was trying to finish up the summer posts. 

Our trip to Sun Valley ID was really so much fun.  I loved seeing all the family, and watching the kids become friends with all the cousins whom they don't remember ever meeting.  We ate together, ice skated, hiked, swam, and visited a lake.

The cousins were fast friends!
The water in the pool was **freezing**!  The kids got in for a bit, but mostly we all hung out in the hot tub.
Of course, anytime Daddy comes to the pool, the kids all get flight lessons.  :)
But the hot tub was the main attraction.

My 3 cute kids and one cute hubby!
My favorite times were just being able to talk with all the brothers and sisters!  We don't see them all nearly enough!
Big family meals were a frequent occurance!
And the TV helped a lot when the kids were all cooped up and tired and a bit crazy!
The resort we were in had a huge lawn in the back where we spent much time running and playing and throwing balls.  I loved this picture because it showed the beautiful mountains in the background!