Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We have company coming soon.  About a month from now the house will be filled.  What is it about this that makes me want to completely redo a room in our house?  Okay, 2 rooms.

A few years ago we hosted Thanksgiving dinner.  10 days before the dinner, I figured I could rip off all the wallpaper in my kitchen.  Guess what?  We had dinner while looking at ripped up walls.  It was lovely.  A page right out of Southern Living.

Now I have 2 projects. 
#1:  Bathroom.

It needs an overhaul- a wall taken out, new vanity, new tile, new mirror, fixtures and showerhead, etc etc.  We could do it ourselves, right??  In 3 weeks, right? 

I mean, I have ALL this extra time since the kids are in school, right???

#2:  Bedroom

Abigail's cute pink and brown bedroom.  I would love to paint it and do a board and batten treatment to it.  And paint it, of course. 

I can do all that in just a few weeks, right???  Along with working and volunteering and cooking and (not cleaning- I gave that up), caring for 3 small children.

No problem.  I think I'll head to Lowe's right now.  {or maybe not}

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colleensewnsew said...

I vote maybe not, but if you are really into redoing a room or two, you could come over here!