Monday, September 5, 2011

Final Days in Idaho

For the final few days of our trip out west, we drove back to Kydon's sisters house to spend the night, then traveled to visit my Aunt and head on home.  We made a new tradition of leaving a bag in every place we stayed, so that made for some fun phone calls and extra trips.  Nothing like a little excitement to spice up a trip!
 More picnics, and more cool waterfalls.
 More cute kids!

 The family togetherness!
 Here we are hiking a mountain in Boise with my Aunt, cousin and her kids.  More kid cousins are a good thing, and my kids just loved playing with them!
 I think it is a rule of pictures that if the whole family is in the same shot, at least two have to be looking away, pulling a weird face, and/or putting their arms in awkward positions.  I'm just glad we weren't breaking any rules!
Here I am with my Aunt and cousin.  I'm glad the kids weren't the only ones who got to play with their cousins!  It was so fun to see them and talk to them!  And my Aunt was incredibly patient with my little angels, who demanded every toy in her house, 57 million snacks, knocked down her quilt design wall (she just told them that it probably needed to be rearranged anyway), and even gave them some of her toys to take home when they explained that they didn't have that exact toy at their house!  Thanks everyone, for hosting us and accomodating us! 


Lori said...

Bummed I missed you both in Idaho and in Georgia. My mom is incredibly patient- I am just glad I prepared her well for handling your kids ;)

Valeni said...

These pictures were great...thanks for reviewing all that happened in Idaho. Love you all