Saturday, September 3, 2011

Redfish Lake

My favorite day of our vacation was the day we drove a little north and spent some time at Redfish Lake.  It is incredibly beautiful (even if it was COLD- in JULY)!   As we were packing the car to head up, I told Kydon that my inner planner was freaking out because I was bringing jackets, sweaters, shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits and flip flops for everyone!  And you know, by the time we went home, we had used each and every one of those items! 
 As soon as we got there, Kydon realized he had left his jacket in the hotel, so he made a quick stop at the gift shop for a sweatshirt.  They had these little play guns- 2 for $5.  We got 4 so the boys would have something to play with.  Jack and Aidan loved them to pieces!!  Well worth a couple bucks.  :)
 We always have to eat!  A picnic lunch was enjoyed by all... followed by some chipmunk chasing by the younger set.
 These two girls are only 1 month apart- I love that they had a chance to get to know each other a bit!
 We took a boat across the lake and went on a hike.  FYI, guy at the dock who said the trail would accomodate a stroller- it didn't!!
 Our hike led us to lilly pad lake- it was amazing to walk up and see this water completely covered with lilly pads!
 I love it when twin brothers sit on a rock and discuss the world together!
 A bit past the lake was this huge waterfall.  We loved it, and for once the cool breeze was welcome!
 After the hike we did a little beach time, and rented some canoes and paddle boats for a bit more fun before heading home.
 The water was so clear- it was basically the opposite of our hot, slimy GA lakes!  I loved the clarity of this one, but I'll take heat over cold any day!
 Kydon and siblings (and a spouse)
 Our cute family on the paddle boat.  It wasn't awkward at all to have 5 people on there, 3 of whom were never happy with where they were sitting and constantly switching places.  At least no one fell in, so we are calling it fun.

 There was also ice cream.  Of course.
 I loved watching Abigail snuggle with her baby cousin- he was so content letting her hold him and squeeze him tight!

I'll have to show her these pics the next time she insits that she will never, ever have any kids!

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