Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where was I? Oh yeah... summer!

Holy cow... I feel like I have been running non stop since school started!  Life is insanely busy!  But I was trying to finish up the summer posts. 

Our trip to Sun Valley ID was really so much fun.  I loved seeing all the family, and watching the kids become friends with all the cousins whom they don't remember ever meeting.  We ate together, ice skated, hiked, swam, and visited a lake.

The cousins were fast friends!
The water in the pool was **freezing**!  The kids got in for a bit, but mostly we all hung out in the hot tub.
Of course, anytime Daddy comes to the pool, the kids all get flight lessons.  :)
But the hot tub was the main attraction.

My 3 cute kids and one cute hubby!
My favorite times were just being able to talk with all the brothers and sisters!  We don't see them all nearly enough!
Big family meals were a frequent occurance!
And the TV helped a lot when the kids were all cooped up and tired and a bit crazy!
The resort we were in had a huge lawn in the back where we spent much time running and playing and throwing balls.  I loved this picture because it showed the beautiful mountains in the background!

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