Friday, October 28, 2011

If at first you don't succeed, remove all evidence that you ever tried!

I love it when I see a cute and easy idea in a magazine and have all the things to make it.  I saw these adorable rice krispy treat turkeys, and when Abigail had a playdate, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out!

 Plus, it allowed the girls to get messy and stay out of trouble.  Recipe for success!

 Only.... it wasn't so successful.  Actually, it was pretty much a complete mess from beginning to end with disaster in between.
 This was the best one by FAR- looks just like an adorable turkey, doesn't it??  I was thinking this would be a practice run and I would make them for Thanksgiving- good thing I tried them first!!
 Most looked more like this- they fell apart every time we tried to touch them, the candy corns wouldn't stick, the sticks fell out, the balls fell apart, the chocolate was a mess....

This is what we call Craft Fail!
But the picture was so gosh darn cute!  And easy!  Or not!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun at the Farm- pumpkin style

The kids had a day off of school, so my sister and I took all the kids to a pumpkin farm. 

First, the lovely opportunities for lots of pictures with pumpkins:

 Abigail wanted a million pictures with different poses.  It was so cute, I just had to oblige!

 Love this boys' blue eyes!
 We took a hayride... without any hay.
 We fed some fish...
 Some massive crazy big nasty catfish.
 We walked in the parking lot...  :)
 And fed some goats and cows.

 And of course had to buy a few!  (Isn't my nephew adorable??)
Just call her pumpkin head! 

It was a great time, and we got back to town just in time to get Jack's arm casted!

Monday, October 24, 2011


When Momma volunteers with the PTA, and gets to help run the Reflections Art contest, it is a pretty sure bet that the kids will participate!  This was our first year entering, and it turned out fun.  I think next year will be better, since we will have a better idea of what is involved.

Aidan, as we all know, is obsessed with the Civil War.  We were talking about the contest, and the theme "Diversity Means", and brainstorming ideas of what they could do.  Aidan really, really, really wanted to do a confederate flag.  I had to explain that the confederate flag sort of stood for the OPPOSITE of diversity!  He finally settled on President Lincoln. 

 He drew a picture (obviously Pres. Lincoln at a podium with Union and Confederate soldiers warring beneath him), and wrote "pezit lecein is a spesh man bcus he help fre The slavs"  AKA "President Lincoln was a special man because he helped free the slaves".  I was at a bit of a loss of what category to enter, but finally settled on liturature.  And guess what??  He won!  Apparently his entry was better than all the other first grade entries that didn't exist!  He was so proud!

When we were brainstorming, Jack had the idea to draw different types of transportation, like car, bus, train, plane, boat, etc. and say something about diversity means that he can get to the same place a lot of different ways.  But his actual drawing differed a bit:
 A rainbow colored car and truck, one about to get pulled up by a crane.  When I asked him for his artist statement he said:  "Some trucks can be new and old.  My picture shows if a old car about to be picked up and smashed, the truck is new and even when stuff are old they can still be good."

And he was a winner as well!  I'm actually not sure how that happened, since there were some really great 1st grade entries, but I wasn't the judge, so it was a surprise!

 Abigail and her cute friend at the reception for all the participants.

Abigail drew a picture of a school class with girls that all look the same and a new girl came who looked different and they all became friends.
 I thought hers was really cute, but she didn't win for her grade.
But still proud anyway!  And each participant got a gift card for a free ice cream cone, so we went that night and all ate ice cream!  All in all, a successful venture, and I am sure we will do it again!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It was just a matter of time...

I'm not actually surprised...

The way my kids play, it was really just a matter of time before a bone was broken!

We were enjoying the absolutely beautiful fall weather at a city fall festival.  Jack was enjoying the bouncy houses just a little *too* much!  He and Aidan were racing down a slide, and he got to the bottom first... Aidan landed on top of him, and *snap* through and through forearm breakage.

 He doesn't seem to be bothered by it.  I think it worries/upsets me way more than it does him!
 This one cracks me up because he is posing a "hurt" look- he is pretty believable!  He now has a cast from fingers to shoulder, and he will be in it for about 6 weeks, then transition to a short cast or a splint.  It will be a long, long process. 

At least now he can show his Auburn pride all over his arm!

And the hardest part by FAR?  Making this boy take it easy!  He wants to run, play, jump, chase, wrestle, etc. etc. with his cast!  I gave him a good talking to the other day, and he said "but Mom!  I'm a wild kid!"  Yes he is, and if we make it 6 weeks without another break, I should get an award.   I may have to take my mom's advice... cast his leg to keep him still! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Disorder is Flaring Up

I have a disorder.  I diagnosed it myself.


Maybe you haven't heard of it.  It is called Shift Work Disorder.  It seems to primarily affect those who work odd hour shifts, such as a nurse who might work 7p-7a.

I have all the symptoms:
- insomnia and/or excessive sleepiness associated with working the odd hours  WOW- I'm SO glad they have discovered that working all night can throw off your sleep!

... and I quote:
"The symptoms coincide with the duration of shift work and usually remit with the adoption of a conventional sleep-wake schedule."  Excellent.  Previous to my diagnosis, I would never have guessed that the difficulty sleeping would start when I went to work and resolve when I stopped going to work.  This is groundbreaking science, people!

I also find myself experiencing some of the major side effects of this crippling disorder:

•Trouble focusing No wonder when I am awake for 26 hours then sleep for 2 I can't remember certain things.  I never could figure that out.

•Sleep-related accidents  Also why I don't operate heavy machinery after being sleep deprived for 2 days.

•Reduced work performance I'm just fine until about 3am.  Then I want to crawl in bed and suck my thumb.  Luckily if anything is happening the adrenaline starts pumping and I'm as good as new.

•Missed family and social activities Why didn't anyone warn me that if the family has an event at 8pm and I'm at work I'm going to miss it??  I'm really glad they funded this earth shattering research!

•Increased irritability Yep.  Oh yea.  Got that one.  No question.

•Worsening of heart and stomach disorders Yeah, that one too.  Not so much the heart, but my stomach isn't the same for about 2 days after working.

They didn't mention my favorite side effect, although it may only affect nurses using the particular hand cleanser that is at my hospital.  About 3-4 days after going to work, I get what I call "sloughing skin disease".  It is just a fancy way to say that the top layer of skin all over my hands flakes off.  Similar to when a sunburn peels, but not nearly as nice.  I'm either aging my hands by years, or I am getting a free weekly chemical peel.

SWD!  Just trying to raise awareness, and finally feeling part of the club since I now can be diagnosed with a "real" disorder!

Also, does this mean I don't have to try to control my (ahem) irritability since it is part of the disorder and I really can't help it??

Monday, October 10, 2011

My To Do List

First, I want to report that the driveway is clean.  Paint thinner and cleanser were not successful, so we rented a power washer over the weekend, and it took it right off.  AND we scrubbed the entire driveway and front walk.  My concrete has never been cleaner.  I'm so proud.

My to do list for today:
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Laundry
  • Cook for today and prep cook for the next couple days when I will be working
  • Deep clean my dining room
  • Parent/ Teacher conference
  • Finish some PTA work
  • Shopping at Costco
  • Finish a quilt
Oh, and today the kids will be getting their "fall surprise":  when they run in the door coming home from school the table will hold some new pajama pants, a small toy, some pez dispensers, and a new movie (The Lion King).  I think tonight is perfect for a family movie night!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If making messes was a talent, we would win a contest

I'm all for harmless fun.  Especially if it is harmless fun outside on a beautiful day.  So, when Jack and Aidan had the idea to take coke cans out of our recycle bin and smash them, it didn't bother me at all.

In fact, with Abigail riding her bike and the boys busy in the driveway, I thought it might be a good chance to call my mom and chat for a bit.  After only seconds on the phone, Aidan came in to tell me something had spilled.  I hadn't really heard him, and assumed that maybe one of the cans of soda wasn't all the way empty when they smashed it.

Silly me.  I should know it wouldn't be anything as easy and simple as a bit of soda on the driveway.

No, it appears that although using their feet to smash the cans was effective and fun, Aidan felt the need to find something else to smash the cans with.  He happened to find a gallon of paint.  Yep, that's a great idea.  Never mind it is on the "do not touch" list as well as the "not a toy" list.  Not to mention it being in the "don't go over there" section of the garage.  May as well grab it and try to smash it into another object, right?  Right.

So, of course it spills.  To his credit, he did come right away to tell me.  Upon seeing a huge puddle of paint on my driveway, I [slightly] panicked.  All I could think of was to get it off quickly before it dried.  I grabbed the hose and started to spray.  Unfortunately, as soon as the first blast of water hit the paint, I realized my HUGE mistake...

We have 12 gallons of latex based paint, and 1 gallon of oil based paint. 

Guess which one he chose?  Yep, the oil.  The water only worked to splash it all over the place and run it in a river down the driveway, actually making the huge mess much, much worse.

 I grabbed our paint thinner, a scrub brush, some soap and water and went to work.  After an hour I had successfully cleaned the original puddle mark... but I ran out of paint thinner and there was still the ENTIRE rest of the driveway... covered in pain rivers.
 While I was scrubbing, the kids all decided (against my dire warnings) to play in the paint rivers, therefore ruining their (school uniform) clothing.  Once I screamed them away from even being near the water/paint, they played in our tree and started ripping down the cute little ghosts we had hung for Halloween decorations.

That is when my head exploded.
Now it is dry.  The paint streaks remain, and I am spending my morning on google and will spend my afternoon on the driveway.  Pray for me.  Actually, pray for the children who live in this house.  They are gonna need it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kydon talked me down from the ledge

Okay, crisis averted.  I called Kydon with my plan to redo two rooms before the end of the month, and he was able to talk some sense into me!  Whew!  I'm now SO so glad I didn't start that!  I still want it done of course, but there is enough going on this month that I don't need to add something like that! 

Now it is down to the usual:  cook, clean and care for 3 cute kids, work a bunch of extra hours, clean my entire house in anticipation of company coming, plan a baby shower, volunteer at the school, go to PTA meetings and events, take the kids on weekend adventures, and help out at church.

My life is so boring.