Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If making messes was a talent, we would win a contest

I'm all for harmless fun.  Especially if it is harmless fun outside on a beautiful day.  So, when Jack and Aidan had the idea to take coke cans out of our recycle bin and smash them, it didn't bother me at all.

In fact, with Abigail riding her bike and the boys busy in the driveway, I thought it might be a good chance to call my mom and chat for a bit.  After only seconds on the phone, Aidan came in to tell me something had spilled.  I hadn't really heard him, and assumed that maybe one of the cans of soda wasn't all the way empty when they smashed it.

Silly me.  I should know it wouldn't be anything as easy and simple as a bit of soda on the driveway.

No, it appears that although using their feet to smash the cans was effective and fun, Aidan felt the need to find something else to smash the cans with.  He happened to find a gallon of paint.  Yep, that's a great idea.  Never mind it is on the "do not touch" list as well as the "not a toy" list.  Not to mention it being in the "don't go over there" section of the garage.  May as well grab it and try to smash it into another object, right?  Right.

So, of course it spills.  To his credit, he did come right away to tell me.  Upon seeing a huge puddle of paint on my driveway, I [slightly] panicked.  All I could think of was to get it off quickly before it dried.  I grabbed the hose and started to spray.  Unfortunately, as soon as the first blast of water hit the paint, I realized my HUGE mistake...

We have 12 gallons of latex based paint, and 1 gallon of oil based paint. 

Guess which one he chose?  Yep, the oil.  The water only worked to splash it all over the place and run it in a river down the driveway, actually making the huge mess much, much worse.

 I grabbed our paint thinner, a scrub brush, some soap and water and went to work.  After an hour I had successfully cleaned the original puddle mark... but I ran out of paint thinner and there was still the ENTIRE rest of the driveway... covered in pain rivers.
 While I was scrubbing, the kids all decided (against my dire warnings) to play in the paint rivers, therefore ruining their (school uniform) clothing.  Once I screamed them away from even being near the water/paint, they played in our tree and started ripping down the cute little ghosts we had hung for Halloween decorations.

That is when my head exploded.
Now it is dry.  The paint streaks remain, and I am spending my morning on google and will spend my afternoon on the driveway.  Pray for me.  Actually, pray for the children who live in this house.  They are gonna need it.


ali said...

oh my gosh. I can't believe this. Actually it sounds like something Greta would do. Why? Why do they always have to go for the most damaging things?

I think it's time for that mother's curse thing...

Cecilee said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I am so sorry. And having read your previous posts about company coming and the million things you have to do I'm sure that makes this that much worse. Just what you wanted to spend your day doing I'm sure. Let us know how it goes and if you get it all out. Yes, I will pray for your children. ;o)

Maybe it won't be as bad as you thought to get it cleaned.... I'm sending good thoughts your way.

the Villamor's said...

love the tag for this one...colossal messes. i hope you can laugh now! just wait till the grandkids come along...oh the stories!

Jennifer Ricker said...

only because you've now got it cleaned up, but this reminded me of the Cat in the Hat comes back...all you needed was Vooom (isn't that what it's called??!!!