Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birth Family is just more Family!

Our Halloween weekend was made even more thrilling by some special visitors!  Jack and Aidan's birthmom brought herself and her kids all the way down to GA to visit us!
They were able to come to our school carnival, so they got to see our school, meet some of the teachers, and have some Halloween fun!
Aidan and Jack both have a little bit of hero-worship with Angela's oldest son Alec!  He is so sweet to them and they just adore him!
Here is Angela, me with crazy braids, and Aidan's teacher.
Kydon made a bunch of pancakes to feed this hungry crowd!  They stayed with us all weekend, and we tried our best to wear them all out!  We were trying to give them as much fun as they give us when we visit.  We couldn't do a bonfire and breakfast at the Farmhouse, but we did our best to show them around!
We have a skate park nearby which all the kids just loved... except poor Jack with his broken arm couldn't participate.

Abigail was standing with her roller blades at the top of this ramp.  I asked if she was scared to go down, because she really isn't all that stable on her skates.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said of course she wasn't scared!  Then she did this-
Ha ha!  No wonder she wasn't scared! 
Alec showed us a bunch of cool moves!
Jack asked me to take this picture so he could pretend that he was going down all the ramps as well- notice how he is hiding the cast! 
We decided that they needed to get a glimpse of "city life", so we all hopped onto the Marta train and headed downtown.  With this many little boys, the train ride itself was the adventure!

We then walked around a little through downtown.  It was a bonus adventure, because it was the GA Tech homecoming game, so they got to see a little of the craziness of SEC game day excitement!
It was a little difficult keeping all the little ones within our sight and out of the street, but we somehow managed!

The kids all got along so well, and it was so fun to talk to Angela and spend time with her- I love having extra family!
Walking across the ginormous bridge over the interstate!  Of course we had to stop and stare in amazement and take some pictures!
We ate at the Varsity- an Atlanta tradition and the height of craziness on game day!  It was so packed full, you could barely make your way through the place.  We did somehow manage to get some food (and some of it was even what we ordered!) and even more amazing, found a place to sit! 
I loved having them here and watching the boys spend time with her!  I love that they have that relationship and know how much she loves them!  I mean, who else would help them play DS for 2 hours, carefully explaining each and every button and reading each instruction on each game and let them switch games as many times as they wanted?  (Not Mommy, I can promise you that!)

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