Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Favorites

Okay, so this post would be better with pictures, but I don't have any, so we will just have to do with a picture-less list.

In no particular order, here are my favorite memories from this 2011 Christmas season:
  • Zippy.  Our elf.  The kids have been so funny with him, whispering in his ear and rocketing themselves out of bed each morning to see where he is hidden.  Aidan admitted just the other day that he tested his magic by touching him one day (if you touch him he loses magic and can't come back), and he came back anyway!  Then Abigail devised this whole long and complicated explanation as to how that could have happened!
  • Watching Christmas movies.  We have watched numerous ones, and loved them all!
  • Hot cocoa.  Lots and lots of hot cocoa.  Followed by ice cream, because it isn't really all that cold right now.  Which also brings me to my next point:
  • WARM WEATHER!  Love it!  It has dipped into the 50's a few times, but also has stayed mostly in the high 60's.  The kids have spent all month outside, running and playing and getting completely filthy.  I hope it never turns cold!
  • French Dip sandwiches.  Yum!  An easy crock pot meal, and only about 5 min of putting them together before eating.  Even the kids loved these sandwiches.
  • The age of my kids.  This is the most fabulous year!  They are old enough to understand all that is happening, the magic of Santa and the excitement of all the presents.  They are old enough to plan and scheme for what to get other people, and yet still young enough to believe (it might not be much longer, based on their questions) and be mystified by all the events.  They told me that tonight, Christmas Eve, is the best night of the whole year!  The excitement is contagious, and I'm excited too!
Hope you all have a very merry and magical Christmas!

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Cecilee said...

I agree with you... this could have been the best Christmas yet (with the kid's ages).

I LOVED the present you sent. It didn't disappoint. Of course I love pictures and now I get to see lots of my favorite people every day while I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner. Thanks!!

Merry Christmtas!