Sunday, December 4, 2011

Halloween Memories!

Halloween was so fun this year!  The kids all had very definite ideas of what to be, and they were pretty easy to make happen!
 Jack wanted to be a vampire.  I might be biased, but I think he looks more cute than scary!
 As a shock to everyone, Aidan decided to be a Union Army soldier.  Luckily we already had all the components of his everyday wear costume.  Thanks to Daddy for his "real army" boots and to Granny for his musket.
 We added a bit of battle wounds to make it a little more authentic.  Soldiers in uniform don't smile, by the way!
 I got into the spirit a bit as well with a fun hairdo of gravity-defying braids!
 Here they are- all set to trick or treat!
 Of course we had to go with our cute neighbor!  I think they feel actual physical pain when they are separated from each other! 
 Trick or Treating started with a neighborhood gathering and costume parade and group picture and goodie bags.  Then, they turned the kids loose on the neighborhood!
 Run, boys, run!  You don't want to miss it!  They might run out in the next two seconds!
 Trick or Treat!
 Grab and run!

 I thought it was so hilarious that they were running so hard between each house!  Kydon and I could barely keep up.
 Go!  Go!  Go!
 They ate their fill of candy Halloween night, then the next day they get to keep 7 pieces of candy (oh, the agony of only 7 pieces!).  That night, they put their gigantic bowls of candy on the front porch for the "Switch Witch" who switches the candy for a toy.  This year she brought remote control cars!
 I loved seeing them out running and playing instead of moaning and groaning on the couch from a sugar- induced coma!

All in all, Halloween can be chalked up as a success once again!

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Katie said...

Wow that Switch Witch idea might be the best thing EVER!!! I totally need to remember that next year.