Monday, December 5, 2011

Mystery Solved!

One of the benefits of having family so close is that we frequently have family dinners.  We all gather at one house, make our way through pile after pile of delicious food, and enjoy the conversation and play time with cousins.

There has always been a mysterious element to these dinners, however.  While I come home feeling stuffed and full, the minute we try to put the kids to bed, they cry and complain of hunger and empty stomachs.  It never made sense.... until now.

The other day I was cleaning up from a family dinner at my house, and I went outside to gather the plates from the deck, and look what I found:
Gee, mystery solved.


erika said...

We have the same problem at our big Sunday dinners with the cousins! They are just too busy playing to eat!

Jen said...

why waste valuable playing time eating?

ali said...

yes, my kids do that too. I've given up and just let them play now. I figure when they want it bad enough they'll come and get it.

Cecilee said...

I wish I cared for food as little as my children do..... Then I would be as skinny as they are. ;o)