Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What they aren't getting

Oh, why, oh, why, can't they ask for something that I could actually agree to get??  I *want* to make their Christmas dreams come true, I really do.

In no particular order, here is a list of things they have asked Santa for, that Mommy has put the kibbosh on:

-- Electric Scooters.  Yikes.  You would have to be kidding.  My kids are wild and reckless enough on the foot-powered ones they have.  The very last thing they need is a motor!

-- Live animals.  I don't think so.

-- Remote control airplane.  This one I considered, but there is no shadow of a doubt that it would be broken within days of being opened.  I just can't spend $40 on something that will absolutely not last.

-- 2 itouches.  Aparently one is not enough for Abigail, who has asked for two.  I don't think she is old enough, and spending $200 for one is not going to happen, let alone $400 for two of them. 

-- Skate shoes.  I thought about these as well, until I saw that they cost $100!  Can't see spending that on shoes they can't wear to school and will grow out of in 2 months.  Also, then I really wouldn't be able to catch then when they run away from me!

-- Powerwheels jeep.  I didn't want them when they were age-appropriate, and I certainly don't want them now.

-- Nintendo DS.  I just don't want to go there. 

-- American Girl Doll.  I actually would love to get one for Abigail, but Daddy is the mean one for this one.  She never, ever plays with dolls.  We bought her a knock-off AG doll last year, and it stays in the bottom of a drawer, surfacing only on the rarest of occasions when friends of hers are over and want to play.  I still would buy it, because I like them as well, but Kydon says NO WAY to $100 for something she really wouldn't play with!

We have thought of many brilliant gifts, and I know Christmas morning will be fantastic... I just wish they would ask for something that I could agree to!


Cecilee said...

Ha Ha! I feel your pain. My kids have requested several things they aren't getting also. Too bad everything they want is just not going to happen. I would love to hear of all your "good" ideas for gifts. We are into Barbie this year. I am not a big fan, but atleast they are affordable.

Brian always says that disappointment is a part of Christmas morning. Nice, huh?

Jen said...

I too would like to hear your amazing ideas. I need some serious inspiration this year.

Rebecca said...

This is funny! My kids have asked for lots of things including REAL flying broomsticks (like Harry Potter.) They are convinced that Santa can magic some up. No big deal. I'm barely started shopping. I do have some ideas though. Just have to carry them out.

Katie said...

My kids are begging for live animals too, but in my book they are only slightly better than dead stinky rotting animals... The answer to both is no.

ali said...

you could try my technique-- I buy them what I want for them and then spend the rest of the month subconsciously convincing them that's what they want. It works like a charm and they never suspect a thing.