Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas 2011

Finishing up the 2011 posts with our Christmas post!  We had a wonderful Christmas.  I was super organized this year, and it really helped everything go so smoothly!
 Jack got a huge arcade-style basketball hoop.  He loves it!  I almost never see him anymore!  :)
 Abigail got a bike- a BIG bike, not a baby bike, and there wasn't a lick of pink or princess or anything else "lame" on it!
 This is actually Aidan's gift, not sure why the only pictures I have are of Jack on it!  It is a Razor Rip Rider- similar to a big wheel or trike, but it can go really fast and spins into 360's!  He loves it!
 Aidan was SO excited to give Kydon an Auburn shirt!  Based on all the clues he gave, I don't think Kydon was all that surprised, but he was so happy to give it!
 Had to include this one to show I was there too!
 We got a bunch of playmobile toys, and clothes, and all sorts of other things!  They didn't get anything they had asked Santa for, but luckily they seemed very happy with what they got!
 I didn't make much this year.  The one thing I tried was these funny mustaches.  I thought they were hilarious and great, but they boys hated them!!  I made them put them on just for a picture, and you can see how much Aidan is enjoying it!  At least Jack was more believable!  That was the first, last, and only time they have been used!
 I always love the "aftermath" photo of the room all ripped apart!  Luckily it didn't stay that way for long!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Abigail's Baptism

My girl Abigail got baptised over the weekend!  I am so proud of her.  Watching her face as she listened to all the talks and absorbed the messages was wonderful.  I know without a doubt this day was meaningful to her and she will remember the events of the day!

I took her out for a little photo shoot in the morning before all the craziness happened!

 She is getting so big!  I love to see her grow and mature!  We had a gigantic celebratory lunch with all of the family and a few friends.  We did a pasta bar- choose your noodles, choose your sauce, choose your meat.  Add in a salad and some garlic bread, and wah-lah!  It was really good, and not too much work on my part!

The kids each got a plate, (notice I didn't say they ate, I just said they got a plate), and then very quickly were outside jumping.  For some reason I just loved this picture of them in all their church-worthy finery and jumping!
 Here is Abigail with two of her best friends.  One  lives right across the street, the other was in our neighborhood but now has moved a few miles away.  These girls are so great together!
 And, of course, the picture with the parents.  I hate that I didn't get one with Jack and Aidan, but they were being tortured enough to be IN CHURCH on a Saturday and wearing BUMPY PANTS.  I didn't want them to call DFCS with the news that I had also made them get in a picture. 
 I love that baptisms are a special time with Daddy!
 Thank goodness for Kydon snapping a few pictures at the end- I was exhausted and completely forgot to get pictures of all the family, pictures of her brothers, and other combinations.  I was SO happy when I downloaded the pics and there are several of various people, and this wonderful one of all the grandparents!  Whew!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012: Purpose

Some years I set resolutions, some years I just try to survive.  A few times I have selected a "theme" for the year.  This year I am returning to the "theme" idea.  I am not just trying to get by anymore.  My kids are manageable and fun.  For 2012, my theme is going to be:

Create The Life You Want!

I don't need to "make do" or "just get by".  I need to be purposeful about what I want, and determined in the way I go about it.  If there is a certain way I want my life to be, then I need to take responsibility to create that life.  I need to act rather than be acted upon! 

I'm still figuring out all the ways it will impact my day-to-day, but it is where my thoughts and inspirations are leading me.  To create the life I want is exciting!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Morning progression

My, how time flies!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Grandma and Grandpa Olsen really know how to make little boys happy.  They have a friend who was in the armed forces, and has several items of memorabilia, plus has a few "REAL Civil War" items.  They convinced him to let all the kids come over and have a look.

Aidan experienced nirvana.  He first got dressed in all his Union Soldier finery, including his blue pants, white undershirt, and (a bit too small) suit jacket.  He donned his Kippe (how sad that I know the name of the hat), grabbed his knapsack and filled it with civil war treasures- confederate money, his small cannon replica, a few choice tiny army men, and a pistol.  He also brought his musket (no self respecting soldier would go anywhere without it).  Thus prepared, we entered the museum!

This gentleman was so incredibly nice and knowledgeable!  He let 9 small children into his home, allowed them to maul touch his artifacts, and answered all of their questions!  They got to see an actual pocket pistol, a real musket, and an actual sword, along with several other items of memorabilia. 

Aidan then asked him:  "Do you have any REAL guns that WORK?"  To which the man hesitatingly replied "yes".  And, of course, the follow -up came very quickly:  "Can we SEE them?"  Not one to be shy, especially if there is weaponry involved.
 Very kindly, he left the room, opened his (very enormous) gun safe and brought out 3 guns- a handgun, a rifle, and an automatic (I think so, anyway, I was interested but not exactly fascinated).  He kept them unloaded and well away from little fingers, but wow- how interesting!  Jack and Aidan especially were over the moon with excitement and fascination!

The kids were then all given a chance to wear his REAL jacket and REAL hat! 
Thankfully he said no to the holding the REAL gun request!  Oh, my Aidan boy- I am going to do my best to steer you into engineering and weapon design rather than the military and weapon use that you seem so dead set on!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eight is Great!

My cute little pumpkin head turned eight this week!  She is pretty used to it, since she has been telling people she is eight for over a year now!  :) 

Birthday celebrations started early- a few days before her birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Olsen took her out for dinner (at Chili's!  With and ice cream sunday!), and let her open her gift- which contained FOOTIE PAJAMAS!!  She came home from dinner, put on the footies, and has only taken them off for church and school- even dinner at Grandma's saw the footies!  She also got some squinkies and a robe (in rainbow- her favorite color).

 Her birthday morning started early- 5:30am, to be exact. Although I guess it isn't really that early for her, so early for the rest of us, but just a normal day for her!  Waiting until dinner time to open gifts would be too cruel, so we opened them before school.
 The traditional "heavy heavy hangover"!
 And she got her dream toy- a squinkies camping truck!!  Now it can caravan with the playmobile camping truck and miniature camping truck she already has.  Also, if anyone knows of any other type of toy camping truck, please let me know- Easter is coming. 
 I made a whole slew of cupcakes and took them to her class at lunchtime, and ate lunch with her and handed out cupcakes!  I also made her a birthday shirt to wear and let her not wear the school uniform that day.
 Mama was not up for a full blown party this year, and we did a big one last year, so she invited a friend over for a party afternoon, which included:
 More gifts! 
 Art projects!  We did sand art into bottles, and then we were supposed to work together to make pom-pom scarves, but the girls decided to take a scrapbook Abigail got earlier out to the trampoline and work on putting all the pictures in.  I ended up working on the scarves all by myself, but when it is your birthday, you get to choose what you do!
 For dinner we had lasagna and more cupcakes!  And eight candles, with a wish!

 The scarf finally got done, one for each girl, and she is snug and warm in her FOOTIE pajamas!  Do Grandma's know what makes girls happy or what? 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thanksgiving is past but not forgotten

It is only January.  Definitely not too late to be blogging about Thanksgiving. 

We had a very fun Thanksgiving holiday.  Not only was Kydon home a lot, but we had all of my siblings in town for the celebration!  Of course there was us, my parents, and Melinda and Lisa's families (we all live here in town), but Jennifer came from Oregon (we missed her hubby who is in Norway finishing some school), and Russ and Catherine brought their kids all the way from Texas!  It was great to be all together again. 
 We found a new park at Morgan Falls- it was absoulutely beautiful, and a blast for the kids as well!  Spider web, anyone?
 I thought these pictures were kind of cool where it appears they are hanging out in space!
 And Aunt Jennifer is always up for a game of chase and capture- one of the many reasons she is the favorite!
 We ate a huge, yummy dinner, of course, but we also had the entire week together to hang out and have fun- like going to at GA Tech basketball game!
 The kids got "temporary tattoos" aka washable marker all over their faces!
 And we got seats close enough to high 5 Buzz when he walked by!
 There was hiking, of course, and lots of civil war soldiering going on.  Watch out for the confederates if you are hiking in the GA woods, that's all I'm gonna say.

 And we always decorate the tree over the Thanksgiving holiday.  This year I let the kids put on all the ornaments!
 And, it turned out u.g.l.y.!  5 ornaments on one branch, then whole sections with nothing!!  I had no garland or anything to tie it together, so it was a real mess.  Remind me to do better next year!
 Luckily it was in the other room, so I really didn't have to look at it all that much!  :)
 We love to decorate and eat sugar cookies!  That is a tradition that we all grew up with, and the kids just absolutely love it!
 Once the sugar coma set in, we turned on a movie for all the little ones (including Grandpa, haha).