Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas 2011

Finishing up the 2011 posts with our Christmas post!  We had a wonderful Christmas.  I was super organized this year, and it really helped everything go so smoothly!
 Jack got a huge arcade-style basketball hoop.  He loves it!  I almost never see him anymore!  :)
 Abigail got a bike- a BIG bike, not a baby bike, and there wasn't a lick of pink or princess or anything else "lame" on it!
 This is actually Aidan's gift, not sure why the only pictures I have are of Jack on it!  It is a Razor Rip Rider- similar to a big wheel or trike, but it can go really fast and spins into 360's!  He loves it!
 Aidan was SO excited to give Kydon an Auburn shirt!  Based on all the clues he gave, I don't think Kydon was all that surprised, but he was so happy to give it!
 Had to include this one to show I was there too!
 We got a bunch of playmobile toys, and clothes, and all sorts of other things!  They didn't get anything they had asked Santa for, but luckily they seemed very happy with what they got!
 I didn't make much this year.  The one thing I tried was these funny mustaches.  I thought they were hilarious and great, but they boys hated them!!  I made them put them on just for a picture, and you can see how much Aidan is enjoying it!  At least Jack was more believable!  That was the first, last, and only time they have been used!
 I always love the "aftermath" photo of the room all ripped apart!  Luckily it didn't stay that way for long!

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