Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm all talk!

As much as I think, talk, plan and try to convince Kydon to let me homeschool the kids, I can't help but enjoy my time while they are at school! 

Especially the first day.  When everyone has been a bit stir-crazy and I'm tired of thinking of fun things to do, the house is a mess and I have a million things to get done.

Take today, for example.  I thought today would be my first day to homeschool Aidan.  I thought that Kydon had agreed to let me keep one home, but apparently that was a miscommunication.

So, instead, I packed 3 lunches and sent 3 little ones packing off to the bus.  When they left, I walked (wish it was running, but my calf is healing slowly) a blissful 2 miles down a tree covered path, with mind-numbing silence.  Then I came home, cleaned the kitchen, started laundry, and did a pick-up of the entire house (which, I must add, has STAYED THAT WAY for 5 hours now.  Miracle.).  Then I took a shower, went shopping, made Abigail a birthday shirt, watched The Biggest Loser, and wrote this blog post.
Oh, and I still have another hour and 10 minutes. 

Homeschool might be on my radar, but I sure do enjoy some time to get things done in peace and quiet!