Friday, January 20, 2012


Grandma and Grandpa Olsen really know how to make little boys happy.  They have a friend who was in the armed forces, and has several items of memorabilia, plus has a few "REAL Civil War" items.  They convinced him to let all the kids come over and have a look.

Aidan experienced nirvana.  He first got dressed in all his Union Soldier finery, including his blue pants, white undershirt, and (a bit too small) suit jacket.  He donned his Kippe (how sad that I know the name of the hat), grabbed his knapsack and filled it with civil war treasures- confederate money, his small cannon replica, a few choice tiny army men, and a pistol.  He also brought his musket (no self respecting soldier would go anywhere without it).  Thus prepared, we entered the museum!

This gentleman was so incredibly nice and knowledgeable!  He let 9 small children into his home, allowed them to maul touch his artifacts, and answered all of their questions!  They got to see an actual pocket pistol, a real musket, and an actual sword, along with several other items of memorabilia. 

Aidan then asked him:  "Do you have any REAL guns that WORK?"  To which the man hesitatingly replied "yes".  And, of course, the follow -up came very quickly:  "Can we SEE them?"  Not one to be shy, especially if there is weaponry involved.
 Very kindly, he left the room, opened his (very enormous) gun safe and brought out 3 guns- a handgun, a rifle, and an automatic (I think so, anyway, I was interested but not exactly fascinated).  He kept them unloaded and well away from little fingers, but wow- how interesting!  Jack and Aidan especially were over the moon with excitement and fascination!

The kids were then all given a chance to wear his REAL jacket and REAL hat! 
Thankfully he said no to the holding the REAL gun request!  Oh, my Aidan boy- I am going to do my best to steer you into engineering and weapon design rather than the military and weapon use that you seem so dead set on!

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