Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thanksgiving is past but not forgotten

It is only January.  Definitely not too late to be blogging about Thanksgiving. 

We had a very fun Thanksgiving holiday.  Not only was Kydon home a lot, but we had all of my siblings in town for the celebration!  Of course there was us, my parents, and Melinda and Lisa's families (we all live here in town), but Jennifer came from Oregon (we missed her hubby who is in Norway finishing some school), and Russ and Catherine brought their kids all the way from Texas!  It was great to be all together again. 
 We found a new park at Morgan Falls- it was absoulutely beautiful, and a blast for the kids as well!  Spider web, anyone?
 I thought these pictures were kind of cool where it appears they are hanging out in space!
 And Aunt Jennifer is always up for a game of chase and capture- one of the many reasons she is the favorite!
 We ate a huge, yummy dinner, of course, but we also had the entire week together to hang out and have fun- like going to at GA Tech basketball game!
 The kids got "temporary tattoos" aka washable marker all over their faces!
 And we got seats close enough to high 5 Buzz when he walked by!
 There was hiking, of course, and lots of civil war soldiering going on.  Watch out for the confederates if you are hiking in the GA woods, that's all I'm gonna say.

 And we always decorate the tree over the Thanksgiving holiday.  This year I let the kids put on all the ornaments!
 And, it turned out u.g.l.y.!  5 ornaments on one branch, then whole sections with nothing!!  I had no garland or anything to tie it together, so it was a real mess.  Remind me to do better next year!
 Luckily it was in the other room, so I really didn't have to look at it all that much!  :)
 We love to decorate and eat sugar cookies!  That is a tradition that we all grew up with, and the kids just absolutely love it!
 Once the sugar coma set in, we turned on a movie for all the little ones (including Grandpa, haha).


Katie said...

The fear of confederate soldiers is the exact reason I stay out of the Georgia woods! See, I knew I wasn't crazy!
Sounds like a fun vacation. I love how now matter who you meet or how many friends you have your family will always be some of your favorite people.

colleensewnsew said...

Thanks for the great pictures and reminding me of how much fun we had.

Shanna said...

Katie, if you ever want to risk it, I have 2 Union soldiers who are always willing to fight them for you! :)