Saturday, February 11, 2012

How To: Eat out with kids

We stumbled upon a fantastic way to eat out.  We happened to try a new restaurant a few weeks ago, and as luck would have it, we went on a night when our new best friend was there as well:
Xtreme Gaming 360!

It is a mobile truck/cart with video games all over it.  They usually do birthday parties and things, and are just getting into a few restaurants.  They set up, hand all the kids a controller, and let the kids play.  Since we first stumbled upon this wonder, we have followed them to 3 different places!  Last night we wanted to go out to eat, and called them to see where they would be! 

It is like having a date!  Only better, because the kids still run in and out, they eat some food (really fast so they can get back to the game), and we don't have to pay for a babysitter!  Kydon and I eat in peace and quiet, have great conversations, and are entertained by the kids coming back to give reports now and then!  I need to get some pictures- it is such a brilliant idea! 

Side bonus:  The kids get to try new games, and there is a teenage kid there to show them how to move and play and do all the tricks.  I have zero interest in video games, and I refuse to figure it out myself so that I can show them.  If they get stuck, they just look for the teenager (what a great job for a teenage boy, by the way), and they show them how to do it!


Jennifer said...

That is a teenage boy dream job.

Rebecca said...

That sounds very awesome!!! Great idea! I've seen that truck around. I need to do some research to see if they do that here.