Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I had a meeting at the school the other day.  One of the teachers asked me to come in, so I did.  The teacher wanted to discuss the reading skills of the child, which admittedly are slightly lacking for the age.

Although, with an extended teacher absence, the reliability of her measuring tests was questioned, because the previous two scores were higher than the super low score she was concerned about, therefore I doubt the accuracy of the test. 

Anyhow.... I voted to not send this child to the special services team.  They are on grade level (just not excelling), and I think it will soon click.  As I came home, and was trying to decide if I had made the right decision, I was flipping through the mail.  Lo and behold- a letter from the school!  Asking for permission to test the same child for the "talented and gifted" program. 

Huh.  So, either this child needs special services, is gifted, or neither and is just fine.  My vote is for just fine! 

The test won't matter anyway, since it wouldn't happen until next year and therefore won't make a difference, but the child opted to take it anyway.  It will be interesting to see the results!

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