Sunday, March 11, 2012

Calloway Gardens

A few weeks ago Kydons' sister came to visit with her husband and son, and we all took a trip to Calloway Gardens.  Right when we got there, Aidan came running up asking me to take his picture in this certain spot.  I fell over dead, then happily complied!

 He picked a pretty good spot, I have to admit! 
 Then the others got in on the action!
 We took some walks, a short mini hike, and went to the butterfly house.  It was a beautiful day!
 A few days later they came up and we went to a park and played around for a day until they had to leave!
 Abigail and Camille.

I'm glad we got a picture of (almost) the whole group!

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Valeni said...

So fun for me to see these pictures. I love it when we can be together as family.