Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soccer Season Begins Again!

After a year off, we signed up for soccer once again!  This time we are trying the wall-to-wall method, and I am loving it!  There was a slight communication error, and we ended up with Jack and Aidan on one team, and Abigail on a different team with her good friend.  I don't mind a bit, however, because practices and games are all on the same days and same times, so I still get all the benefits of having them on the same team- just sometimes my attention is split and I miss some good plays once in a while!

 Abby is a member of "Team Chelsea"
 Jack and Aidan are "Team Arsenal" (side note, what are the chances that Aidan got on a team named "Arsenal" with a canon on the jersey??)
 We had to buy some new shoes and socks- can't believe how much they grew this year! 
 The kids are having a blast, and we are loving it too!  Although we have been reminded a few times how much time is taken by having soccer every single weekend!
 I'm so glad these two are playing together again!
 They have each scored several goals already, and their ball control has really improved!

Yay soccer!


Valeni said...

What great all do such a good job of capturing the moment! Can't wait to see them play....hopefully soon.

Cecilee said...

Looks like fun! Your boys really are getting bigger.