Friday, March 16, 2012

What They Draw In Church

We let the kids each have a notebook and pen during church.  I find it rather fascinating the things they draw- each are so different!

Abigail either makes an activity book for one of the boys- a folded over paper with tic tac toe games, dot games, mazes and hidden pictures, or she writes stories:

 Hungry Boy Island:  I was going to go to hungry boy island.  There must be a lot of hungry boys there.  When I got there, I could not see any boys on it.  (But look closely at the above picture- do you see the boy coming??  Does he look hungry??)
 Next we have Everything On It:
 One day I saw a hamburger stand and went to it.  I asked if I could have everything on it.  I should have said can I have a hamburger with lettuce on it, mustard on it, ketchup on it, tomato on it but instead I said can I have everything on it.  That was my lesson instead of them giving me all the things that go on a hamburger the man gave me a ship a toy a elephant a turtle and all the things in the world on my hamburger.
 Jack sits next to Daddy and give Daddy requests of what he should draw.  "Draw a monster truck!"
 "Draw a haunted house"  - Jack added the flying bats.  I couldn't find a picture of the ever popular "maze of death" that is one of his favorites.
 Aidan really likes numbers.  All numbers, all the time.  He spent several weeks making this list- 1+1=2, 2+2=4, and so on.  Sometimes he would get tired and ask me to work on it for a while (of course I said yes- he was working so hard on it)!
 He got well into the hundreds before he moved onto something else.  Like I said, it was a several week project.
 Once he finished that, he listed numbers 1-21 down the edge, then reversed the order in the next column, then put all the numbers together as a "sum".  I find this number fascination very interesting.
 Today he made spikes- a spike to the first line listed as 1, spike to the second line is 2, etc.  It went on for several pages.  Makes me wish I had a degree in child psycology to figure all this out! Or maybe mathematics!

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Valeni said...

Loved reading about what the kids write! How smart and cute they are to do this. Thanks for appreciating it and posting. Love you all