Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Geyser Towers at Stone Mountain

I have loved going to Stone Mountain for years.  We have purchased memberships for several years now.  So, when they gave me the opportunity to come and check out their newest attraction "Geyser Towers", I was very excited!  There are always so many fun things to do there, and even on hot summer days you can visit the movie, the Great Barn, or catch a breeze on the train or the sky lift. 

However, a nice water attraction is just what they needed!  This would be perfect during the sweltering GA summers!

It is actually pretty small, which I really liked.  If your child is over 40" they can go in by themselves, which I also liked.  If they are smaller, and you need to go with them, it would actually be relatively easy to avoid the water spouts, so you don't have to get soaked unless you wanted to (which my two boys absolutely wanted to)! 
Unfortunately Abby was on a trip with her Grandma, so it was just me, Kydon, Jack and Aidan.  But we had plenty of fun!  I also liked this teeny tiny little water spout- perfect for a young sibling or a timid youngster!  I love it when they think of little details like that!

Mesh walkways, water spouts, climbing structure- a great way to wear out a few cute kids!
Jack and Aidan gave it 4 big thumbs up!  Of course, once we were dried off we had to visit the animal show, see the Easter bunny, play in the giant sand box, ride the train, shoot some foam balls at the Great Barn, and cry because we couldn't do all the rest. 

After the entire day of super fun, I only had 2 complaints.  #1- why didn't they put in more benches??  The information they gave me said they spent $1 million on this feature, and there were exactly 4 benches for 50,000 parents.  I would have been a lot happier watching the kids play if there was a place to sit.  I mean, couldn't they have spent an extra $500 and put in a bunch of benches?  Also, it is totally appropriate to wear swim gear in the Tower (you don't have to, but you get so wet that it makes sense to put on swimwear)- but (complaint #2) there is no place to change.  We had to walk quite a ways to the nearest restroom to be able to change.  And whenever people are wearing swimwear for one thing, they all of a sudden think it is okay to wear it all day long everywhere they go- so we sat on the train behind a 10 year old boy with no shirt on, and across the aisle was a 12 or so year old girl with a very skimpy bikini top on.  Not really what I want to look at all day, but what can you do?