Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Modern Medical Miracle!

Yes, we always said the only way we would have another child is a medical miracle... and it happened!

After 15 years of infertility, and 3 cute kids, we are shockingly announcing that we have another little one joining the family...

(Welcome Peanut).  The baby is due November 18.  I am about 3 months along, and feeling really crappy all the time.  :)

Everyone who has talked to me in the past 7 years knows that we were -done- with a capital D having kids.  We were so blessed to have Abigail, Aidan, and Jack!  Once they were here I never had any desire to have more.  I never felt like I "missed out" on pregnancy (in fact, I actually felt a little bit lucky that I never had to go through it).  When I found out I was expecting, it put me into a tailspin for a few weeks!  A baby????  I'm not in a "baby" place!  My kids are finally up and running- they can dress themselves, bathe themselves, feed themselves, and even help out around the house!  I'm going to home school!  I had plans!  Just thinking about going back to the world of diapers, spit up, car seats, up all night, high chairs... oh my.  It was such a different view than I had for my current life.  I'm of course already in love with the new one, and I would be devastated if we lost it, but it does take some getting used to! 

The best thing so far has been the kids reactions.  They have said the funniest things!  I was a bit worried how they would react.  Last year, Abigail thought me having a baby would be the worst news ever!  And one night, before we had told the kids, Aidan was up late watching TV with us.  There was a baby on the show, and I said "wouldn't it be nice to have a little baby in our house?"  He looked at me with an awful expression and said "NO!  It would stink up our WHOLE house!"  I was dying!  But, when we told them, there was nothing but excitement and joy!  They all just got so excited and their eyes lit up!  Abigail immediately said "okay, nobody touch mommy!  Don't touch her stomach, don't even hug her or anything!"  Jack kept saying "you mean I'm going to be a big brother?  We are having a baby?"  Then he said "we thought you didn't even have a baby maker!"  I told him I thought that too!  Aidan was busy doing all the calculations about how old he would be when the baby was 5, or when the baby was 7, etc.  Then they started fighting about what TV shows they would/would not watch with the baby and whose room it would get to sleep in.  They also said they should have known because my stomach is so fat!  At least they keep me humble! 

I have some medical issues that make getting pregnant right now not exactly ideal.  The doctor said that I will have a high risk of miscarriage throughout the pregnancy, as well as a high chance of giving birth early.  We are just hoping for the best and taking it as it comes.  I have been scanned and ultrasounded and poked and prodded numerous times, and every time they say "most likely this will end in a normal, live birth".  I keep telling my doctor that putting it that way doesn't exactly make me feel any better! 

Kydon and I are hoping for a girl.  Jack and Aidan are hoping for a boy.  Abigail wanted a girl for the first week, then she switched to wanting a boy.  We often let her invite a friend along on our family outings, and when the boys complain, I tell them they already have a friend along- their brother.  I think she is worried that if we have a girl her little friend won't be able to come along as much! 

Thank you to everyone who has expressed joy and good wishes to us!  We are shocked but excited, and are looking forward to this new adventure in our lives!  God sure does love to keep us guessing!