Monday, June 25, 2012

Transit of Venus

Were you able to see the transit of Venus this year?  Basically once every hundred years or so Venus passes directly between the earth and the sun.  You can see a little tiny circle pass in front of the sun, and know that you are looking at the planet Venus. 

We decided to view this spectacular event from the top of our favorite place, Stone Mountain.  The Atlanta Astrononmy club was there, with many super fancy telescopes that they very generously allowed everyone to look through and watch the event!
 The Astronomy club members were so great about answering questions and telling us so many details about what we were looking at.  There were enough people there to make it fun, but not so many that it was crowded at all.
 They even gave us free solar glasses so we could look directly at the sun without going blind.  I have to admit that I'm not all that fascinated by atronomical things, and I really doubted that I would be able to see anything, but all of us actually were able to see it!  It was pretty cool to have that experience!
 We also stayed for the laser show afterward, which meant a picnic and some play time on the big lawn. 
 Abigail and Aidan took advantage of the background music to entertain me with a dance party!  It was pretty great!

 Jack kept his Daddy busy with non-stop football catching!  He never tires of that game!

Friday, June 22, 2012

I don't like being this busy!

 For several weeks now this is what my calendar has looked like!  Multiple items on every single day, and some days were so busy I had to start adding post-it notes on top of the normal space!
 The problem isn't just that there are things to do.  As every mother knows, each of those "things" requires an entire flurry of activity before and after.  I was watching some Downton Abbey last night, and it made me think of my list.  For the "upstairs folks" to have their lunch in their fine dining room, the entire staff spends hours arranging and cooking and cleaning and making everything just so.  For each activity on the list, there is planning and gathering and cooking and laundry and shopping and on and on.  It is getting so that there just aren't enough hours in the day.
I prefer a slower pace.  I like my calendar to look like this!  Things to do, but plenty of time in between to do all the prep, all the recovery, and accomplish my own list of projects.  All this busy-ness is starting to wear me down.  I'm getting more and more behind, which makes me a little crabby. 

I had been greatly looking forward to the "summer slow down" that happens at the hospital.  Every summer the hospital is empty.  I do not have guaranteed hours, so if they have too much staff, my group is the first to stay home.  Every year for the past 12 years I have had less work in the summer.  Last summer, I only worked one shift from May until September.  This year I was looking forward to this break.  I was counting on it!  So, of course it hasn't happened.  Not only is there no slow-down, it is actually really busy and I can guarantee that I will have to go in and I will have a busy shift.  This is not helping my ability to get things done at home!

I keep hoping that "next week" will be better, but so far the calendar is full until Mid July!  And I'm sure by the time we get to that point it will be filled up even more!  I had created an entire list of "boredom busters" to keep our summer fun- activities that we could pull out when things were getting slow.  I'm thinking now that we not only won't need it, but we won't be able to do it even if we wanted to! 

How is your summer?  Are you slowing down and wishing there was more going on, or are you running from place to place with just pit stops in between?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lovin' Summer! (So far, anyway!)

Ahhhh... summer!

We have been having so much fun!  The first week was miserable (as I knew it would be).  The transitions are always difficult, aren't they?  Usually the first week I give them free reign- no chores, no schoolwork, unlimited TV, etc.  They all go nuts, and fight and scream and cry and throw fits.  But, we get through it, and then by the second week they are ready to start the PLAN.  This year I kept my poster from last year, so that made it easy.  We have daily work (make bed, brush teeth, get dressed), then weekly work (1 job each day or they can do it ahead if they want), plus 30 min reading and 20 min piano and 5 min spelling.  Once that is done, they can play or have free time or whatever.  Or, more commonly, we rush off to playdates, pool time, doctor appointments, errands, or a million other things! 

This year I finally felt brave enough to allow them to try joining the swim team.  Before now I was too afraid of fits and cries and refusals, so I didn't sign them up.  And, honestly, I think I made the right choice.  Jack and Aidan have had a few cold mornings that they didn't want to get in, but for the most part it has been easy and fun for all of us.  I'm glad I waited, even though most people start around age 4/5.  Every morning we are out at 8:15 am and the kids are swimming laps, then every Thursday night we have a swim meet where they compete against another team.  They get tons of ribbons, and are loving the competition and the concession stand at the meets!

 I'm also progressing along with the baby growing.  According to, I might START to show in the next few weeks:

Yep, I'm an over-achiever, what can I say?  :)  Thankfully the nausea went away just as summer started, so I didn't have to overlap feeling crummy with kids home all day!  I have plenty of energy and other than a big belly, I'm doing well.  The kids continue to be super duper excited and talk about the baby constantly.  We've reminded them a few times that the baby might not make it all the way to being born, and anytime Aidan talks about the baby he says "if the baby survives, I'm going to play this with it" or "if the baby survives, we can buy it a present".  Abigail says that she will mostly spend her time babysitting, because she is a really good babysitter, so she will need to hold the baby and do most of the things for it.  Jack loves to run up to me and rub my belly and tell the baby good night or I love you.  They are all so sweet and cute about it all. 

The two funniest name suggestions so far have been (from Jack)- Zagsby, and (from Abigail)- Francisco!  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What a boy wants... what a boy needs

Jack brought this paper home from school, divided into needs and wants. 


eletrick skooter
roller skats
I fone
I toch
I pode
trande tiger
trande chitae

At least he wants the tiger and cheetah to come pre-trained!