Friday, June 22, 2012

I don't like being this busy!

 For several weeks now this is what my calendar has looked like!  Multiple items on every single day, and some days were so busy I had to start adding post-it notes on top of the normal space!
 The problem isn't just that there are things to do.  As every mother knows, each of those "things" requires an entire flurry of activity before and after.  I was watching some Downton Abbey last night, and it made me think of my list.  For the "upstairs folks" to have their lunch in their fine dining room, the entire staff spends hours arranging and cooking and cleaning and making everything just so.  For each activity on the list, there is planning and gathering and cooking and laundry and shopping and on and on.  It is getting so that there just aren't enough hours in the day.
I prefer a slower pace.  I like my calendar to look like this!  Things to do, but plenty of time in between to do all the prep, all the recovery, and accomplish my own list of projects.  All this busy-ness is starting to wear me down.  I'm getting more and more behind, which makes me a little crabby. 

I had been greatly looking forward to the "summer slow down" that happens at the hospital.  Every summer the hospital is empty.  I do not have guaranteed hours, so if they have too much staff, my group is the first to stay home.  Every year for the past 12 years I have had less work in the summer.  Last summer, I only worked one shift from May until September.  This year I was looking forward to this break.  I was counting on it!  So, of course it hasn't happened.  Not only is there no slow-down, it is actually really busy and I can guarantee that I will have to go in and I will have a busy shift.  This is not helping my ability to get things done at home!

I keep hoping that "next week" will be better, but so far the calendar is full until Mid July!  And I'm sure by the time we get to that point it will be filled up even more!  I had created an entire list of "boredom busters" to keep our summer fun- activities that we could pull out when things were getting slow.  I'm thinking now that we not only won't need it, but we won't be able to do it even if we wanted to! 

How is your summer?  Are you slowing down and wishing there was more going on, or are you running from place to place with just pit stops in between?


Lisa said...

Things have definitely slowed down, and we're not running from place to place or activity to activity (with the exception of being in the middle of two weeks of swim lessons at the moment). But I have many things to do to get ready for another year of homeschooling in the fall, and I lay awake most nights feeling utterly overwhelmed and stressed and freaked out by everything that needs to be done during the summer in order for the following nine months to run smoothly.

Jen said...

We've been super busy this summer too! I can't wait until things slow down. Hopefully they actually DO slow down soon. When they do I think I need to know what's on your list to keep your kids from being bored.

Cara3711 said...

Very cool that you got to see Venus! My fiance, a few friends, and I all were able to watch it as well. I'm so glad because we probably won't be around for the next one! haha

the Villamor's said...

I feel for you and your full calendar! That is exhausting and makes the summer fly by!

We haven't been too busy but I think that is because mine can really entertain themselves so well...and not just with TV and video games. Last year I had to bribe them into doing meaningful activities. Not so much this year. This has been the most carefree summer and it is going by way to fast. I hate that they are home while I am working so I try to plan outings but they would rather stay home. We are in the home stretch and trying to fit in last trips to grandparents and such...