Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lovin' Summer! (So far, anyway!)

Ahhhh... summer!

We have been having so much fun!  The first week was miserable (as I knew it would be).  The transitions are always difficult, aren't they?  Usually the first week I give them free reign- no chores, no schoolwork, unlimited TV, etc.  They all go nuts, and fight and scream and cry and throw fits.  But, we get through it, and then by the second week they are ready to start the PLAN.  This year I kept my poster from last year, so that made it easy.  We have daily work (make bed, brush teeth, get dressed), then weekly work (1 job each day or they can do it ahead if they want), plus 30 min reading and 20 min piano and 5 min spelling.  Once that is done, they can play or have free time or whatever.  Or, more commonly, we rush off to playdates, pool time, doctor appointments, errands, or a million other things! 

This year I finally felt brave enough to allow them to try joining the swim team.  Before now I was too afraid of fits and cries and refusals, so I didn't sign them up.  And, honestly, I think I made the right choice.  Jack and Aidan have had a few cold mornings that they didn't want to get in, but for the most part it has been easy and fun for all of us.  I'm glad I waited, even though most people start around age 4/5.  Every morning we are out at 8:15 am and the kids are swimming laps, then every Thursday night we have a swim meet where they compete against another team.  They get tons of ribbons, and are loving the competition and the concession stand at the meets!

 I'm also progressing along with the baby growing.  According to, I might START to show in the next few weeks:

Yep, I'm an over-achiever, what can I say?  :)  Thankfully the nausea went away just as summer started, so I didn't have to overlap feeling crummy with kids home all day!  I have plenty of energy and other than a big belly, I'm doing well.  The kids continue to be super duper excited and talk about the baby constantly.  We've reminded them a few times that the baby might not make it all the way to being born, and anytime Aidan talks about the baby he says "if the baby survives, I'm going to play this with it" or "if the baby survives, we can buy it a present".  Abigail says that she will mostly spend her time babysitting, because she is a really good babysitter, so she will need to hold the baby and do most of the things for it.  Jack loves to run up to me and rub my belly and tell the baby good night or I love you.  They are all so sweet and cute about it all. 

The two funniest name suggestions so far have been (from Jack)- Zagsby, and (from Abigail)- Francisco!  


Rebecca said...

Oh I can't tell you how happy that picture makes me!!! I have the biggest smile on my face! And I love that the kids are making name suggestions!

And I miss you guys!!!

quailene said...

LOVE the cute belly picture and laughed when I read your comment about being an over-acheiver. (: But, how sad that you have to have discssions that the baby might not make it. That is so sad :( I hope all goes well and hope Baby Witbeck arrives safe and sound! As far as names, maybe you could get another Elf on the Shelf or two. Not only could you use the suggested names, but Zippy could have some buddies. (: (His name is Zippy, isn't it? If so, I don't know why on earth I remembered that. If not, I have no idea where that came from!). Glad you are enjoying the summer! Oh, and we love swim team. Not only does it give my girls regular exercise, but it has helped their swimming so much. I'm hoping Ethan can start next summer...but he has to learn to swim first. (He's working on it). Sorry for the long really should limit the number of characters your blog stockers are allowed to use. (:

quailene said...

ps If you didn't figure it out, the above comment came from Kaye. You know, the one who forgot to sign her name!

Shanna said...

Rebecca- we miss you guys too! I can't remember what we were talking about, but you guys came up and we were thinking how much we needed to see you again! We might just have to make a fun trip to FL! :)

And Kaye, of course I knew it was you- just look at the length- haha! And yes, Zippy is our elf! Can't believe you remembered that, except it IS Christmas-related, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised!

I think it would be great to introduce my kids: "Here is Abigail, Aidan, Jack, and FRANCISCO!" makes me laugh every time.

Katie said...

Well that belly picture is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. It makes me SO HAPPY for you. And totally take Abigail up on the babysitting thing, that sounds like a great idea!

Shanna said...

I've already told Abigail the 5am-7am shift is ALL HER! Keep them both busy and let me get some sleep! :)

quailene said...
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quailene said...

Haha.... I'm definitely known for lengthy posts. I should have known that that would give me away. But the spelling probably tipped you off as well...that should be "blog STALKER". (:

As far as introducing your kids, if you have a baby girl it would have to be ""Here is Abigail, Aidan, Jack, and FRANCISCA!" (:

Kaye, the long winded Christmas loving blog stalker (spelled correctly this time of course).